Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Where Does Season 17 Pick Up?

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It may not have been the initial plan, but it remains where we are:

Grey's Anatomy Season 16 has come and gone.

Grey's Anatomy Finale Scene

On Thursday night, the ABC drama signed off with an installment that focused on Richard Webber's medical diagnosis.

It wasn't written as the intended season finale -- but then the country shut down as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, production on the show was forced to be canceled and the scheduled finale was shelved.

Such is the state of the entertainment world these days.

How will the change of plans affect the beloved series going forward?


In an interview with Variety, Grey's Anatomy showrunner Krista Vernoff actually worked out as well as possible, storyline-wise.

"We wrote this episode and I said to the writers, 'You guys, this is like a season finale. Where were we going to go from here?' And so we got lucky," Vernoff said.

"I don't know yet how we're going to use what we had planned for the last four episodes. I'm going to gather the writers in about four weeks, and we're going to start talking about Season 17.

"I imagine we will use some of what we had planned, and I imagine that we'll have had a break, and a whole bunch of sleep, and a whole bunch of time in our houses to think.

"And we may come up with some different ways to tell some of these stories."


Aside from the chaos and drama on screen, Grey's Anatomy has become known for a lot of chaos and drama of screen.

This year, for instance, Justin Chambers shocked fans when he announced his sudden departure from the show.

Should fans be concerned for Season 17?

Could we see more favorites saying farewell?

Meredith on the Season Finale

"I, at this point, do not have a plan to shake up the cast next season," Vernoff said, continuing as follows:

"I feel like there's still a lot of stories to tell. Sometimes, when I'm watching the show, over the years, I get a feeling of character fatigue or feeling like it's time to wrap that up.

"And I'm just not feeling that.

"I feel like there's a lot of story moving forward for everyone."

At this point, unfortunately, it's unclear when Grey's Anatomy will resume production, considering social distancing guidelines in the United States are currently in place until the end of April... at the earliest.

If not for this outbreak, four more Season 16 episodes of the program would have aired this spring.

Moreover, we don't know if the series will be back in September, as it has been almost every year.

m grey

This issue, of course, pales in comparison and importance to everything happening around the globe these days.

But we're an entertainment news site and a celebrity gossip site, so this is the sort of thing we write about everyday.

“This is the strangest thing any of us have ever experienced in our lifetimes,” Vernoff says of the COVID-19 crisis to TV Line.

“And, creatively, it is presenting unique challenges, for sure.”

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