Grey's Anatomy Recap: Richard's True Diagnosis Is Revealed!

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With Grey's Anatomy canceling production on the remainder of Season 16, Thursday's earlier season finale had all the drama you would expect from a finale of this medical drama. 

Taking center stage in this installment was the desperate battle to save Richard's life, Teddy's affair with Owen, and even the birth of Amelia and Link's baby. 

We started the hour with everyone but Meredith saying Richard had Alzheimer's, but by the end, he was back to being healthy. 

Richard in Hospital on Grey's Anatomy

Meredith worked with DeLuca to find the true cause of the lapses in memory for one of the hospital's finest, and it put them on a collision course with Maggie, who wanted to draw a line under it. 

Tom and Amelia even thought as much, leaving Mer and DeLuca blindsided when Catherine gears up to take Richard home from the hospital. 

Richard was further shocked when he realized parts of his body were numb, and that gave Meredith the drive to conclude his symptoms were definitely not related to the initial diagnoses. 

Richard did not want to go through any more tests, but Catherine managed to get him to allow an EMG to be carried out. 

Saving Richard's Life

This leads them to believe there could be a tumor, but before the doctors get a chance to do a biopsy, DeLuca throws all the working equipment to the ground and says he's cracked the case. 

Richard's cobalt hip was deteriorating, and his blood was being infected by it, and sure enough, DeLuca was right. 

Bailey told DeLuca to leave the hospital after he asked to scrub in, but Meredith fought in his corner, saying it was a career-defining moment. 

Link operated on Richard, and he was back to his normal self, but he was not ready to forgive Catherine and called her out for everything she's put him through. 

Meanwhile, Teddy wanted to rush her wedding to Owen, and it caused an immediate divide between her and Tom. 

Teddy Helps on Grey's Anatomy

Tom had no clue the wedding was still going ahead, but he later offered Teddy to leave town with him, and they could figure things out on the road. 

Teddy had sex Tom in one of the most bonkers scenes to date, but she failed to realize she had dialed Owen and left him a voicemail. 

Levi played the voicemail in the O.R. and everyone heard the whole thing. Owen later listened to the message alone and heard Tom's voice. 

Wowza, right?

Owen did not show up for the wedding, with Teddy being told by his mom that he had to go into surgery. 

Meredith Works - Grey's Anatomy

Now, we have a long while to wait until the series returns!

What did you think of all the twists and turns? 

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