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Last week, Tiger King star Joe Exotic was accused of bestiality. There were also claims that he fathered a child with a woman and is now a grandfather.

His current husband, Dillon Passage, is speaking out … and admitting that Joe may have kept some things a secret, even from him.

Dillon Passage and Joe Exotic

Dillon was only married to Joe for a matter of months before Joe was carted off to prison. They only met a couple of weeks before that.

But he has become aware of the accusations — beyond monstrous animal cruelty and attempted murder — against his incarcerated husband.

Jeff Lowe has accused Joe of having video of engaging in sex acts with the animals in his park, and also of murder.

And it was claimed that Brandon, who appeared briefly in Tiger King, is actually Joe’s son.

Joe Exotic Mugshot

Dillon Passage sat down for a remote interview with Channel Q’s The Morning Beat to address these claims.

"Joe does not have any kids, okay?" Dillon clarifies

"I recently heard the same rumor," he admits, "and I was like, are you trying to tell me that I’m a stepdad to a 38-year-old and I have grandkids?"

Dillon, who was born in 1997, is 22 years old. That would be surreal for him, to say the least.

Joe Exotic and Dillon Passage

"Joe used to be with this girl," Dillon acknowledges, "her name was Kim."

"But when him and Kim split up," he explains, "Joe’s brother actually got with Kim and they had a son and that is Brandon Chappell."

Some gay men have relationships with women due to cultural pressures and societal expectations.

Other men are bi. This is why we let people — even disgraced criminals like Joe — determine their own sexuality labels.

Meet Joe Exotic

The interviewers were very polite in that they didn’t blurt out hey Dillon, did your husband ever bone a tiger?

Dillon brought up the rumors, though.

"Obviously," he acknowledges, "Joe was not secretive about his sex life."

Dillon admits: "He may have done some weird things."

"He’s obviously had multiple sex partners at once," Dillon points out. "That’s not a secret."

Polyamory isn’t especially strange and, more importantly, doesn’t cross any boundaries of consent like bestiality would.

"But I heard allegations that Jeff saying that Joe and [husband John Finlay] were having sex with animals on the zoo," he recalls.

"And," Dillon declares, "I thought that was completely ridiculous."

Joe Exotic and Friend

"I never heard anything like that from Joe," Dillon insists.

"But," he confesses, "I also wouldn’t admit that if I was him."

As many have pointed out, it may be that some of these rumors were an attempt to deflect from Jeff Lowe’s own shady history.

In making the bestiality accusation, Lowe also claimed to possess the video — which some fans pointed out could be a crime all by itself, if true.

On a much lighter note, Dillon says that his social media has been absolutely bombarded with dong pics from thirsty suitors.

"Going through my message requests on Instagram, my DM requests, is insane," he shares. "There’s so many dicks."

"A lot of them are not worth looking at, let me tell you that," Dillon expresses.

"They’re either super, itty bitty or, like, deformed looking," he characterizes. "It’s a lot." We don’t doubt it.