Anna Duggar: I Don't Care What Jim Bob Says! The Coronavirus Is REAL!

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No matter where you live, we're sure that at this point, you've been personally impacted by the coronavirus pandemic in some significant way.

Hopefully, you've simply been forced to hunker down and stay at home, and neither you nor any of your loved ones have suffered the effects of Covid-19.


Whatever the case, it's rare that the phrase "we're all in this together" is literally true on a global scale.

Each of us has a part to play in this crisis, and its duration may have much to do with how well we play our assigned roles.

Unlike past crises, in which members of one profession or social class were called upon to save the day, from coast-to-coast, everyone from grocery store clerks to A-list celebrities has played a part in helping to flatten the curve.

Everyone, that is, except for the Duggars.

Duggar Family Reunion 2020

If you've been following our coverage, you know that for the most part, the Duggars have not been social distancing or following other safety guidelines designed to limit the spread of the virus.

Not only that, they've been flaunting their non-compliance in a way that's led many fans to suspect that the Duggars think the coronavirus is a hoax.

Thankfully, not every family member has been behaving quite so ignorantly.

Jessa Duggar has been socially distancing, and it's clear that even if the rest of the Duggar family thinks the pandemic is an invention of the media, Jessa doesn't share that belief.

Anna Duggar on TLC

Now, it looks like she may have gained an unlikely ally in the form of Anna Duggar.

Josh Duggar's wife may not be joining Jessa's anti-Jim Bob rebellion anytime soon, but she clearly does not share her father-in-law's views regarding the dangers of Covid-19 and the importance of social distancing.

Earlier this week, Anna posted a photo of her kids all dressed up for Palm Sunday church services.

But here's the twist -- they watched their local pastor's sermon online, and did not actually leave the house.

Anna Duggar's Kids

"Happy Palm Sunday — Hosanna!" Anna captioned the pic.

"Amid all the changes of the coronavirus pandemic it felt good to dress up and get ready for church! Even though we livestreamed the service it felt a little more normal to be 'dressed for church.'"

She went on to offer a suggestion to other families who may be suffering from cabin fever.

"This got me anyone else planning to wear their #Easter outfits next Sunday and livestream a church service?" Anna asked.

Josh Duggar at Church

"During the #HolyWeek let’s make a meaningful time as we remember Jesus’ life, death and resurrection," she concluded.

"May we celebrate Jesus’ sacrificial love for us and share it with others!"

This is one of those calculated Duggar social media posts:

Anna wants to make it clear that she's still very much a fundamentalist evangelical -- but unlike Jim Bob, she's a Christian who believes in science.

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