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Recently, Nicole Nafziger’s mother has shared her thoughtful takes on Azan and on Nicole’s choices. Nicole’s dad has … other priorities.

Tyler has now been arrested for the third time in six months — this time, for theft.

Photo via Instagram

While Nicole Nafziger has been stranded in Morocco with Azan due to the global pandemic, her dad has allegedly been up to no good.

Her father, Tyler Nafziger, has been charged with petit theft and larceny petit theft for allegedly stealing out of the Goodwill donation bin, twice.

The troubled man was arrested in Manatee County, Florida over the weekend on criminal complaints filed in late March and early April.

Tyler’s arrest records describe him as "homeless," with his only listed address being to a local ministry.

Nicole Nafziger and Tyler Nafziger
Photo via Instagram

The officer’s description, filed on March 30, describes an alleged incident on March 16.

"The incident began when the security monitoring company for Goodwill observed a orange Chevrolet HHR," the account begins.

Police describe the vehicle "pulling into the donation drive through area of Goodwill on 03/16/2020 at around 04:21 am."

"Two suspects exit the vehicle and begin to rummage through the donations," the report claims.

"They start taking property that does not belong to them," the police report accuses, "and which they did not have permission to take."

"There is a sign on the wall near the donation area that states any donations left for Goodwill is the property of Goodwill," the report notes.

The officer writes: "Tyler is seen exiting the driver’s side front door of the vehicle, which is registered to him, and also taking property."

Tyler Nafziger was seen "along with another unidentified (at this time) white male. After placing the property into the vehicle, they leave."

Tyler Nafziger Mugshot
Photo via Manatee County Sheriff’s Department

"Upon researching the vehicle tag, I found that it was registered to Tyler Nafziger," the police officer narrates.

The report continues: "After I conducted a comparison of his DAVID and Mugshot photos I believe Tyler is the driver of the vehicle."

The items stolen in the incident looked to be clothing," the officer describes, "which was likely in the bags."

The document continues: "And other unknown items which were in the boxes."

Nicole Nafziger and May with Tyler Nafziger in the Background

"Tyler should have known that he could not just come to the donation drive through and take items that did not belong to him," the officer asserts.

"In this incident," the document reads, "he did not even drop off any items as a donation."

"He just came up and took the property that was donated to Goodwill," the officer accuses.

Now he faces two petit theft charges, being accused of stealing a few hundred dollars worth of property.

Nicole Nafziger Cute Selfie
Photo via Instagram

Notably, this is not Nicole’s dad’s first arrest … or second … in recent months.

Last October, Tyler was arrested and charged with battery and possession of drug paraphernalia.

This was after he had some sort of troubling altercation with a woman at a gas station.

That was certainly alarming, but Tyler was not done.

Nicole Nafziger and Daughter May: May Turns 6!

Then, in January, Tyler was arrested again.

This time, he was allegedly found to be in possession of both Fentanyl and a crack pipe.

Fentanyl is an especially powerful painkiller, usually reserved for hospice care of terminally ill patients who are in terrible pain.

It can also be extremely deadly.