Anna Duggar, Fundie Fashion Queen: See How Her Look Has Evolved!

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Anna Duggar might not be the first person to spring to mind when you think of fashionable reality stars.

And while it's true that she may never achieve Kardashian-levels of trendiness, Anna's look has come a long way over the years.

Gone are the floor-length skirts and deep-fried Michelle hair of yesteryear.

These days, Anna is sporting -- skirts that stop just above the ankle, and ...well, at least she's not putting her hair through such torment anymore!

Join us as we take a look at how Anna's appearance has evolved over the years:

1. Happier Times

Happier Times
This pic was taken before the world learned of Josh Duggar's various sex scandals. We're sure in most ways, it was a happier time for Anna -- but she had yet to figure out her personal sense of style, which is a tragedy in its own right.

2. The Supercuts Savior

The Supercuts Savior
The Duggar women pride themselves on emulating Jesus in every way, which apparently includes very rarely getting haircuts.

3. Anti-Choice Chic

Anti-Choice Chic
We call this look "your body, my choice." Hold onto your coathangers. If Anna has her way, you're gonna need 'em!

4. Hardcore Evangelical Hair

Hardcore Evangelical Hair
In the early years of her marriage, Anna favored an even more traditional look than the OG fundie breeding queen, Michelle Duggar.

5. Modern Amish

Modern Amish
Slowly but surely, Anna's look began to evolve. In this pic, she's basically gone from Civil War widow to 1890s factory seamstress.

6. The DC Years

The DC Years
It seems like ancient history these days, but it was just a few years ago that Josh and Anna left Arkansas so that he could pursue a career as a lobbyist in Washington, D.C.

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