Tori Roloff Pays Tribute to Caryn Chandler: We Could Not Live Without You!!

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Perhaps now, at last, we can put to rest all those pesky Roloff rumors.

Or, to put it more bluntly, all those inaccurate and pesky Roloff rumors.

Out and About with Lilah

For several months now, fans of Little People, Big World have been under the impression that family members have an issue with Caryn Chandler.

These critics theorize that she acted like something of a homewrecker back in the day, working as the manager at Roloff Farms prior to getting into a relationship with Matt Roloff.

This relationship was made official not long after Matt and Amy Roloff filed for divorce.

So, yes, one can understand why Chander garners a bit of backlash from anyone who has followed the Roloff journey over the years.

Couple is Disneyland

But the hate she receives often seems over-the-top, especially when you consider how Amy hasn't just moved on from Matt...

... she's now full-on engaged to Chris Marek!

Moreover, Tori Roloff has now made it evident that not only don't hard feelings exist between her and Matt's serious girlfriend -- but she considers Caryn a vital part of her family.

Tori said so herself in honor of Caryn's birthday yesterday.

chandler tribute

“Happy birthday @carynchandler1!!!” the mom of two began in her post, as you can see above.

Added Tori:

“We seriously and honestly could not do life without you.”

Tori shared her lovely words alongside two precious photos of Caryn and her children, Jackson, 2, and Lilah, 3 months.

Matt, Caryn and Bode

Based on Caryn's own social media photos, along with those of Matt, Chandler clearly spends a lot of time with both Tori's children and also the children of Audrey and Jeremy Roloff.

She essentially serves as another grandparent to these kids.

This is something Matt himself as often acknowledged.

“@carynchandler1 is amazing!” he said of his girlfriend during the holiday season.

“She figured out how to hold two back-to-back early Christmas events with the grandkids so everyone got their own individual attention while still celebrating and sharing as a united family.”

Yup, Caryn Chandler Was There

In this same post several weeks ago, the proud grandfather went on to thank his children for welcoming Caryn with open arms.

“Thanks for sharing your precious [families] with Grandpa and ChaCha a little early this season so we can break away from the incoming cold weather and get to [Arizona] where the temps are a bit warmer," Matt wrote, adding:

"We had the two best family Christmas parties ever."

As you can see below, Caryn also accompanied Matt, Tori and company to Disneyworld this past winter:

Last summer, Amy made headlines when she said Matt cheated on her with Chandler.

At least in the emotional sense.

“We had someone that worked for us for a very long time, on our farm,” Amy explained while promoting her memoir, refusing to even name Caryn.

“And I believe - this is all from my perspective -- that there was more than just friends going on," she added. "And I think that evolved to a point where that got in the way of our marriage as well."

Jackson Roloff, Amy Roloff, Caryn Chandler, and Matt Roloff

Not great, if true, of course.

But Amy, Caryn and Matt continue to make things work as amicably as possible, working together and even living in close proximity until recently, when Amy moved off the farm.

And why do they do this?

For the sake of their family.

Little People, Big World returns with new episodes on March 31 on TLC.

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