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Teen Mom OG returns with new episdoes tonight on MTV.

As previously detailed, and as depicted in the trailer below, the cable network franchise will focus on such major life developments as an arrest and a renewal of vows.

Teen Mom OG Trailer: Wait, Who's Getting Married??

For Mackenzie McKee, however, the new season will be a stark reminder not of life, tragically, but of death.

Back in December, this veteran reality star lost her mother, Angie, after a lengthy battle with cancer.

McKee and her loved ones have been in mourning ever since, of course, but this season of Teen Mom OG may bring back up memories that are both painful and bittersweet.

Why? Because episodes were taped many months ago.

Mackenzie McKee with Her Mother
Photo via Instagram

As a result, Angie is actually alive for at least a number of these installments, some of which will feature Mackenzie having heart-to-heart conversations with her mother.

Starting with tonight’s premiere.

In a sneak peek from the this episode, courtesy of People Magazine, Mackenzie actually confides in her mom about her marriage … after she catches husband Josh McKee cheating.

“I truly believed nothing like this would ever happen. This is the most stressful, devastating situation. I’ve cried myself to bed because of how humiliated I am right now,” Mackenzie tells her mom, adding of her and josh:

“I do not see us being together.”

Hug for Angie
Photo via Instagram

As fans now know, Mackenzie and Josh did work things out in the end.

Heck, even he even re-proposed to his wife last fall.

But the premiere was filmed late last summer, we’re guessing, right around the time where these cheating rumors were at their most prevalent.

When Mackenzie brings up the possibility of divorce in this footage, Angie encourages her daughter not to give up on her marriage.

Mackenzie and Josh Reunited

“I’ve seen marriages restored and it worked out great,” Angie says, adding that it typically takes two people for a relationship to fail:

“You guys built too much up together to throw it all away.

"Too many young couples get divorced over stupid stuff like this and children are just messed up. I see it too much and I want to protect my grandkids."

“You know I’m praying for you guys,” she adds. “Life is too short to be fighting anyways."

Mackenzie McKee and Her Family
Photo via MTV

Sadly, of course, Angie knows this better than anyone.

It’s unclear exactly when this conversation was filmed, but another clip from this upcoming season of Teen Mom OG features Mackenzie talking to her kids about death.

You can check it out here:

Mackenzie McKee Tries to Explain Death to Her Kids in Heartbreaking Teen Mom Teaser

Wrote Mackenzie after her mom passed away three months ago:

“Momma @angiedouthit has crossed the finish line. She did not lose the battle, she won. She is healed and running in heaven in eternity. Idk anyone who left earth with such an impact…

"Your entire life you never waisted a chance to let the world know Gods love. When we would try to brag on what an amazing person you are you would respond with, ‘It’s not me, it’s God.’

‘Could you imagine this world if we all lived like Angie Douthit.

"She always said, ‘It’s easy, we were put on earth to share Gods love.’ And boy did she.

"700 daily post for you guys to read daily, hundreds of speaking engagements even when she could barely walk or speak, she simply trusted that God would speak through her."

Mackenzie and Angie
Photo via Instagram

Just yesterday, Mackenzie paid tribute once again to her mom and wrote the following:

I have faced a lot of dark in my life lately. So much of it I don’t understand and when I found myself at rock bottom, I asked myself “what would mom tell me to do”?

Life is no longer as simple as picking up the phone and calling her anymore.

So Im doing what I know she would tell me to do which is to turn to the Bible.

Mackenzie McKee and Angie Douthit
Photo via Instagram

Concluded Mackenzie:

So what I learned from this, If you stay faithful to God, your journey may not be easy, you may not stay out of the fire or AWAY FROM CANCER, but God is faithful and has a plan.

The only thing that will burn up is the ropes of doubt that bound you. And there in the fire you will know His presence more than EVER!

Dont give up and have faith, and find Jesus right in the fire with you.