The Roloffs Take Disney: Inside Their Fun Family Vacation!

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The Roloffs are generally known for being a happy family.

They've risen to popularity mostly because they seem genuine and loving, not due to any in-fighting or any scandals that have afflicted the family over the years.

So it's only appropriate that a bunch of them just went to the Happiest Place on Earth, right?

"Creating some magic at the happiest place on earth!!" wrote Tori as a caption to some of the photos below, which also include Zach, their two young kids, Matt Roloff and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler.

Added Matt:

"That feeling of celebration you get when you get the random draw ticket to get on the newest ride at Disneyland!"

We've collected a number of photos from the fun vacation below. 

Click through them now!

1. We're All Ears!

We're All Ears!
Mickey Mouse Club, Mickey Mouse Club... these Roloffs (and Caryn) are clearly proud members of this beloved club.

2. Just. So. Precious.

Just. So. Precious.
Be still, our hearts! Jackson would be adorable enough just in these sunglasses, but he's holding Lilah as well!

3. In His Element

In His Element
Jackson is just chillin, enjoying some sun and also the Happiest Place on Earth.

4. Yup, Caryn Chandler Was There

Yup, Caryn Chandler Was There
Caryn Chandler joined the trip, which makes sense to us because she's basically a member of the family. But some critics out there have taken issue.

5. To Infinity... and Then Beyond!

To Infinity... and Then Beyond!
Pretty clear who Jackson's favorite Pixar character is, right? No one tell Woody.

6. Nice to Meet You, Buzz

Nice to Meet You, Buzz
Buzz, Jackson. Jackson, Buzz. How very nice for you two to finally meet!

7. Taking It Personally

Taking It Personally
The Roloffs went all in for this trip, that's for sure. What cute Mickey hats!

8. Siblings in Bed

Siblings in Bed
Jackson and Lilah so clearly get along well and we just love to see it. Thanks to their parents for sharing these kinds of photos.

9. Hooray! I'm Here!

Hooray! I'm Here!
Think Jackson is happy to be in Disneyland? Just study this photo, in case you aren't sure.

10. The Absolute Cutest

The Absolute Cutest
You guys. You guys. YOU GUYS! Could Jackson and Lilah possibly be any more adorable together?

11. Little People Unite

Little People Unite
Wrote Matt as a caption to this image: "Ran into some (LP) little people friends of mine @disneyland .. We go back over 40+ years of friendship. So fun to briefly catch up."

12. Disney Fun

Disney Fun
What a relaxing photo. Matt, Tori and little Jackson are just taking everything in.

13. Tickets to Ride

Tickets to Ride
Here we go, guys! Caryn and Matt look ready to ride here, while Jackson looks a little hesitant.

14. We're All Here!

We're All Here!
Forget Oregon or Arizona. It was time for everyone to bask in the sun and fun of California.

15. Where Was Amy?

Where Was Amy?
Perhaps doing her own thing. For some reason, some fans of Little People, Big World have thought she ought to have been on this trip... but perhaps she was invited and was busy. Or perhaps not, which is fine! She and Matt live separate lives and are on great terms and it's fine for Amy not to be included in all family trips.

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