Little People, Big World Spoilers: What Can Fans Expect This Season?

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They're coming back, folks.

The Roloffs -- Tori, Zach, Matt, Amy and company -- are coming back this spring with new episodes and, according to an official network press release, many "big changes."

What will these changes include?

What sort of drama is on tap?

And who will be prominently involved for the first time this season on Little People, Big World?

Scroll down for an in-depth look ahead at what's to come on this popular reality show...

1. When Does It Return?

When Does It Return?
Pretty important opening question, right? New episodes kick off on TLC on March 31, 2020.

2. Who Will Be Missing?

Who Will Be Missing?
Audrey and Jeremy Roloff are no longer full-time cast members, as they walked away from the show in the summer of 2018. But viewers CAN expect to see Jeremy, at least, in a few scenes here and there.

3. Any New Cast Members?

Any New Cast Members?
Sort of. Caryn Chandler has appeared often on the series, of course, but boyfriend Matt Roloff has made it sound like she'll be a regular cast member in 2020, writing on Instagram: "Well! it’s official!! The waiting is almost over.. All the new episodes of #lpbw that we’ve been working on the past 6 months will now Air in just over a month March 31st 2020 is the date little people big world will return. Catch up on everything that’s been happening in the roloff clan! On #TLC with @carynchandler1 on the show ...You’re in for some good tv!!"

4. What Changes are on Tap?

What Changes are on Tap?
So many! “We thought we’d grow old together on this farm, but plans changed,” Amy says in a sneak peek at the episodes to come.

5. Can She Elaborate Please?

Can She Elaborate Please?
Yes, Amy can. “Right now, Matt and I are doing the best we can when it comes to family things,” explained the mother of four in this same preview. “It’s not easy, but I know both Matt and I are determined to make it work well post-divorce because this is family.”

6. Will Tears Flow?

Will Tears Flow?
Yup. At one point in this trailer, Amy opens up to Chris Marek, telling him how her farm house means a lot to her and how moving away will be tough.

7. Wait, Amy is Moving?

Wait, Amy is Moving?
Yup. A major topic last season was whether or not Amy would sell most of her property on the family farm to Matt -- and this issue WILL be resolved on the new season. As you may know by now, Amy will decide to sell this portion of the property and to move to a home about 15 minutes away.

8. Is She Really Leaving the Past Behind?

Is She Really Leaving the Past Behind?
Far behind. In a confessional from the season ahead, Amy says about Matt living close by: “I don’t think it’s working for me anymore that he’s just 500 feet away from me.” She later tells her ex: “So, I will go ahead and do the buyout.”

9. How Much Will We See of Caryn?

How Much Will We See of Caryn?
More than ever before, that seems evident. “My goal is eventually to get married to Caryn,” Matt flat outsays about his girlfriend in this trailre, who tells him later on in a scene: “I’m here for the long haul.”

10. Aren't Things Awkward, Though?

Aren't Things Awkward, Though?
Oh yes. “I think we’re all trying to overcome whatever stuff we have because we’re going to be together,” explains Caryn on the upcoming premiere. “It’s always going to probably be a little bit awkward no matter what we do, but it’s getting better and we just roll with the punches.”

11. What's the Theme of the Season?

What's the Theme of the Season?
Changes, you guys. Just... so many changes. “Everything has changed on the farm,” Amy says in this sneak peek for the upcoming season. “Family that I thought would be forever is different now. The future is unknown.”

12. But, Hey, Can't Change Be a Good Thing?

But, Hey, Can't Change Be a Good Thing?
You better believe it! For example, Marek has proposed to Amy and she has said YES!

13. What About Tori and Zach?

What About Tori and Zach?
You know what major change this couple has gone though, right? They are parents for a second time!

14. Will We See Lilah Arrive on Air?

Will We See Lilah Arrive on Air?
We're not sure. We'll definitely see Tori go through her pregnancy journey, however, taking us up very close to the day Lilah is born at least.

15. Will Tori Face Challenges Along the Way?

Will Tori Face Challenges Along the Way?
It sounds that way. Before giving birth to Lilah Ray Roloff this past November, Tori shared that her second pregnancy had been "a lot harder" than her first.

16. Did TLC Release a Press Release?

Did TLC Release a Press Release?
The network sure did! "After Matt partially buys out Amy’s stake in Roloff Farms, [Amy] decides that living 500 feet from her ex-husband no longer suits her lifestyle and embarks upon a journey to find a new home, and by extension, a new life," it reads. "Meanwhile, her boyfriend Chris has a different milestone in mind -- one that involves a diamond ring."

17. Can TLC Tell Us More?!?

Can TLC Tell Us More?!?
"But it’s not just Amy whose life is transforming," the press release continues. "Right as Zach and Tori are getting the hang of being parents to son Jackson, they find out Tori is pregnant again -- this time with a little girl! But this pregnancy proves far more difficult than her first, as Zach and Tori await the news of whether or not their baby will be a little person!"

18. And Across the Way?

And Across the Way?
Concludes this official statement/teaser: "On the other side of the farm, Matt and his girlfriend Caryn are figuring out what their future together looks like, and while a lot is up in the air, keeping up with the farm is still a top priority."

19. Can We Wait for These New Episodes?

Can We Wait for These New Episodes?
Nope! But we're gonna have to, we guess, for just a little while longer!

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