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The good news is that Ryan Edwards has come a long way since the time when he passed out while driving to his wedding with Mackenzie Standifer.

The less-encouraging news is that recovery is a lifelong process, and Ryan will need to remain vigilant for the rest of his days if he hopes to remain sober and be the kind of husband and father his family deserves.

Ryan Edwards and Family
Photo via Instagram

If you’re a longtime Teen Mom OG viewer, you know it’s nothing short of miraculous that Ryan has made it this far.

Edwards has been arrested numerous times over the past three years, and twice, he was locked up for extended periods of time.

In what might have been the rock bottom point of his lengthy battle with addiction, Ryan missed the birth of his son Jagger because of a stint in rehab — but he relapsed and was picked up for possession just days later.

Amazingly, Mackenzie has stuck by his side throughout all of this.

Ry and Mack
Photo via Instagram

Against all odds, she and Ryan are still married and still making regular appearances on Teen Mom OG.

And these days, the formerly social media-shy Mackenzie is happily interacting with fans of the show.

Standifer hosted a very candid Q&A session on Instagram this week, and she confessed to fans that she often feels overwhelmed in her present situation.

So perhaps it’s not surprising that Standifer took this opportunity to reveal that she and Ryan will not be having any more children.

Ryan Edwars and Mack Standifer
Photo via Instagram

“I had my tubes tied a month ago so it’s a no from me dawg,” Mackenzie quipped in response to a fan’s question on the subject.

Asked about the post-surgery recovery process, Mack answered, “I didn’t think it was that bad!”

Granted, Standifer had the luxury of being selective about which answers she chose to reply to, but the Q&A seemed to be an overwhelmingly positive experience.

“How is Ryan doing? Hope to see more positive moments for your family this season!” one fan wrote.

Ryan and Mackenzie and Kids
Photo via Instagram

“LOL, yes, girl,” Mack wrote back. “I hope so, too.”

“I like [having] the cute moments with our kids!” she added.

“I hate having to revisit awkward or difficult situations that I/we have moved on from. It’s like opening an old wound!”

In one of the session’s most enlightening moments, Standifer opened up about some of the on-camera behavior that she’s less than proud of:

Mackenzie Standifer Snapshot
Photo via Instagram

“Sometimes I get pushed over the edge of what I can bottle inside, and I just freak TF out. [I’m] working on it,” she said. 

“I’m [not] being a b-tchh when I laugh in serious situations,” Mackenzie added.

“I laugh when I’m nervous, LOL.”

In a remarkably short period of time, Standifer has gone from hated enabler to fan favorite.

Here’s hoping she’s able to remain on that trajectory.