Ryan Edwards: High AF in New Family Photos?

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OK, so Ryan Edwards ...

Look, there's just always so much to discuss when it comes to this guy, you know?

There's the drug addiction, all the arrests, his troubled relationship with ex Maci Bookout and her family, his weird relationship with his own family, all the ins and outs of his marriage with Mackenzie Standifer ...

Yeah, it's a lot.

But today, we're just going to try to focus on a couple of those categories, namely his relationship with his family and the drug stuff.

Because there are several new photos of Ryan going around, and lots of people see them as proof that he's using again.

1. Oh, Ryan ...

Oh, Ryan ...
Ryan has been through a lot this year, right? And there's still a good bit left to go.

2. Another Arrest

Another Arrest
Remember, he spent the first part of it in jail after being arrested in January for skipping out on a bar tab.

3. Seriously, a Bar Tab?

Seriously, a Bar Tab?
And yeah, the bar tab itself might not have been a huge issue -- Mackenzie did say that she paid it, and it wasn't a ton of money or anything either.

4. Do Better, Ryan

Do Better, Ryan
The issue was that he was on probation already for drug charges. He spent those few months in jail for violating his probation.

5. Oh, Also This

Oh, Also This
And those few months must have felt like an extra long time for Mackenzie, who had been alone for a few months just before that while he was gone to rehab.

6. To Be Fair ...

To Be Fair ...
But we have to remember that Ryan is a heroin addict, and while it may be tough for him to be away from his family for long stretches in rehab and/or jail, at least that means he's not away from them forever in a coffin.

7. More Updates

More Updates
Right, so the first part of the year was very busy for Ryan, and it got busier in a different way when he was released from prison back in April -- Mackenzie pretty much immediately got pregnant with their second child together, a baby girl due in January.

8. Not Great

Not Great
And although we haven't heard anything about him doing heroin again -- no recent arrests, basically -- we do know he thinks it's fine to drink, which really isn't advisable to someone trying to stay off drugs.

9. Hmm ...

Hmm ...
But his lack of arrests is really the only thing we have to go on when it comes to speculating on whether or not he's using -- he's not very active on social media at all, and Mackenzie doesn't share too many photos of him, so we haven't been able to check out his appearance that much.

10. But Wait!

But Wait!
Until now, that is!

11. Awww!

Ryan and Mackenzie took all the kids -- Bentley, his son with Maci, Hudson, her son with her ex-husband, and Jagger, the son they share -- out yesterday on the lake, and they both shared some photos of the outing, including the above photo.

12. Father-Son Time

Father-Son Time
There's also this one of Ryan with his boys.

13. So Cute

So Cute
And this one of Ryan holding Jagger.

14. Mommy Time!

Mommy Time!
And also this one of Mackenzie staring adoringly at her littlest baby (littlest until January, that is).

15. Time to Investigate

Time to Investigate
Lots of people commented on the photos, applauding Ryan for looking so healthy.

16. Interesting

But others believed they spotted some tell-tale signs of drug use.

17. Bro ...

Bro ...
"Ryan is as high as a kite," one person commented. "If she doesn’t see that, I feel bad. You can tell right away bro."

18. The Giveaway?

The Giveaway?
"U can’t ignore those eyes," someone else said.

19. True?

His eyes seemed to be what most people noticed -- as one person said, "His eyes never hide his addiction."

20. Counterpoint

On the other hand, as another Teen Mom fan suggested, "He’s probably on methadone or suboxone which can cause his eyes to look like that. He’s put on weight. I doubt he’s using again. Plus she knows she’s going to be attacked if he’s high so I don’t think she’d post one of him high."

21. Uh Oh ...

Uh Oh ...
That last part, at least, was definitely true. Mackenzie has to know that by sharing any photo of Ryan she'll get tons of negative comments about him.

22. Easy, Killer

Easy, Killer
But don't worry -- she was prepared.

23. Fighting Words

Fighting Words
On the family photo she posted, someone commented that "Ryan looks high," and her response?

24. Ouch!

"And you look like a bitch."

25. Standing by Her Man

Standing by Her Man
It's clear that Mackenzie is still completely dedicated to Ryan, and that she'll defend him always, no matter what. And sure, that's kind of an admirable trait, but hopefully she's able to be realistic about the situation at least.

26. The Real Question

The Real Question
But for real though ... do you think he looks high?

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