Mackenzie McKee: I'm Engaged! Again! To My Husband! Again! (Wait ... Huh?!)

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Mackenzie McKee doesn't need you to understand, guys.

She just needs you to be happy for her, okay?

This is what the Teen Mom cast member wrote on Instagram on Thursday, October 24 as part of a caption alongside the photo of ... her husband getting down on one knee and propsing to her!

Wait, did you read that right? Yup! You betcha!

How the heck did the McKees arrive at this point? Considering she supposedly filed for divorce like three weeks ago, and they've been on the verge of splitting up about 14 times before that?

That's a fantastic question. One which we also have, TBH.

Scroll down and let's try to figure this one out together...

1. Let's Set the Stage, Shall We?

The former Mackenzie Douthit of Miami, Oklahoma (yes, that's a real town) and Josh McKee started dating in 2009, back in simpler times when Teen Mom 3 was a thing and social media was not the all-consuming monster that it is now. The couple got married in 2013. They seemed like one of the more stable Teen Mom couples for awhile there. (Sort of.)

2. Any Kids?

Any Kids?
Yup, three of them: son Gannon, 7, daughter Jaxie Taylor, 5, and son Broncs Weston, 3. (Broncs' dad is a professional bull rider, hence the unusual and clever spelling there ... get it?) These are some seriously cute kids, too. No one can ever take that away from them.

3. When Did the Trouble Start?

When Did the Trouble Start?
Gosh, which time? Let's go with the most recent time. On the season premiere of Teen Mom a few months back portended some major issues for the couple, most notably when Josh left for a rodeo trip ... and rumors of him cheating on Mackenzie started to heat way up.

4. What Sparked This Rumor?

What Sparked This Rumor?
After Josh left to compete in a rodeo, Mackenzie actually received a text from a woman who alleged that her husband (the woman's, that is) went out to a bar and cheated on her - and Josh was with this guy at the time.

5. So This Random Guy Cheated. Did Josh Do the Same?

So This Random Guy Cheated. Did Josh Do the Same?
No, he swore to Mackenzie on this episode. “There was no affection or anything like that there,” he told his wife of his own interactions with the opposite sex at this bar, adding: "I’m just here to tell you that I was at a bar, and I’d like you to trust me when I’m getting a few drinks at a bar ... I was just avoiding the fight, and I was wrong.”

6. Did Mackenzie Buy It?

Did Mackenzie Buy It?
Yes, at the time, or at the very least, she was cautious about rushing to judgment. She wasn't exactly thrilled, and who would be, but this season premiere didn't end with her asking for a separation or anything.

7. But Then?

But Then?
McKee took to social media on August 16 and told followers that after much deliberation and careful planning with her publicist (just kidding), the marriage was over. "I would like to say, that due to stress, me needing to stay focused, the media, etc. I am deciding my marriage needs a break," she Tweeted at the time.

8. This is for the Best, Everyone

This is for the Best, Everyone
"My heart breaks for my kids. But as of right now, this is what’s best. Thank you," she added in her confirmation, taking more than a few of her fans by surprise.

9. Hit Me Up, Fellas!

Hit Me Up, Fellas!
McKee clearly was sad about the split, but not sad enough to take herself off the market. "Freshly single and ready to be the boss babe that I am and let God lead me to what I deserve," she also Tweeted, seemingly angling for a hook-up or at least attention from the opposite sex, TONIGHT.

10. Simply. Shattered.

Simply. Shattered.
At the same time she was calling herself a boss babe and all that stuff, and calling attention to her single status, Mackenzie also laid it on pretty thick, making it as evident as she could that her whole universe had fallen completely apart.

11. Any Hope for Reconciliation?

Any Hope for Reconciliation?
God, no. Not based on what McKee said shortly after she made her separation announcement. “Turns out, Josh is not a good man whatsoever,” the Teen Mom OG star told Us Weekly, explaining that she finally had a chance to see the aforementioned season premiere and: “Watching the show and catching him in lies, seeing how independent he is, I realize I deserve better.”

12. OUCH!

Mackenzie went on to slam Josh to this tabloid as follows. “I have fought for this marriage for many years, and lately, I’ve really opened my eyes to what a horrible person he is."

13. We're No Longer Married, Okay?!?

We're No Longer Married, Okay?!?
“Josh is not my husband," Mackenzie later told The Ashley's Reality Roundup. "I’m not sure I ever want to be with him again. [I’m] glad we can be friends for the kids, though."

14. This is What She Said a Month After the Split:

This is What She Said a Month After the Split:
Of course, in Mackenzie's world, her weeks are like most people's years. "Me and Josh are friends and are on good terms,” she added to The Ashley. “I’m still taking this time for myself. I’m doing counseling, just so an outside eye looking in can give me guidance. I just had so much piling up all at once, I just need time and structure."

15. This is All About a Higher Power

This is All About a Higher Power
“Me and Josh do love one another, that will never change,” Mackenzie added in mid-September. (We'll forgive the cringe-worthy grammar, as that's not the point of this article.) “God will guide me where I belong and I’m trusting in him right now and focusing on being there for my mom."

16. When Did She Actually File for Divorce?

When Did She Actually File for Divorce?
To be fair, we guess, Mackenzie never exactly confirmed that she did so. Instead, in early October, McKee jumped on Instagram with a photo of her dogs - and told one fan in the Comments section that her weight loss was due to “divorce stress." That was her first use of the D Word. Still doesn't mean any paperwork was actually filed.

17. And When Did She Decide to Get Back Together?

And When Did She Decide to Get Back Together?
We heard a rumor about this reconciliation just a week or so ago, but we weren't really sure what to believe.

18. But Now We Believe It!

But Now We Believe It!
“We found our way back to each other even when we thought it was impossible,” Mackenzie gushed to People Magazine in a special feature that went live, and immediately viral, on October 24. “I fell in love with a new man.”

19. They Aren't Just Back Together, Either

They Aren't Just Back Together, Either
They are re-engaged! Or something! McKee explained to this same publication that Josh got down on one knee and proposed to her for a second time. “Our marriage has always needed fixing. It’s always needed help,” she says now, adding that there has been infidelity in the past on both sides. “I had been angry with him for a long time and had never really forgiven him for the past.”

20. Are There Photos from the Proposal?

Are There Photos from the Proposal?
Yes. But amazing coincidence, People Magazine had cameras on hand for the proposal. What amazing luck, right?!? It's almost like the couple planned this all out and then cashed in by arranging the proposal and everything surrounding it with a national publication.

21. What Turned Things Around?

What Turned Things Around?
Mackenzie cites a marriage counseling retreat the two went on, during which it was made evident how hard Josh really was trying to make things work. This meant a lot to Mackenzie, and apparently she began to see things in a very different light than she did mere weeks before.

22. God Played a Role, Too

God Played a Role, Too
“One day we were walking back to our hotel room after a lesson and he just stopped me and said, ‘I’m ready to give my life to Christ. I really want to be saved,’” she recalls. “That is something that I’ve been patiently praying for nine years.”

23. A New Adventure Awaits!

A New Adventure Awaits!
“I slowly learned to fall in love with someone new,” McKee, or her editor, concluded to People. “I know he loves me more now than he ever has."

24. She Also Gushed Over Josh on Instagram

She Also Gushed Over Josh on Instagram
"This man.... I will never forget my 25th birthday. 6 hours of opening up clues and going on a scavenger hunt. Even putting on a dress you picked out," she wrote. "I still can’t believe the work God has done. My ring is beautiful and I choose you over and over. Here’s to new beginnings in Christ." As of press time, Christ had no comment on His role in the couple's journey.

25. And in Case You Don't Understand How This All Happened?

And in Case You Don't Understand How This All Happened?
"#youdonthavetounderstandourlovestory," Mackenzie wrote to wrap up her Instagram post, not commenting on the chatter that she and Josh invented this entire drama just to earn a paycheck from People down the line in exchange for this article and photoshoot with an Exclusive watermark from the magazine that could only have been applied with advance notice of this all going down.

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