Teen Mom OG Trailer: Grab a Hat and Hold the Frick Onto That Piece

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We hope you're ready to get drunk on St. Patrick's Day, reality television fans.

Not on alcohol, necessarily.

But on all the drama that the women of Teen Mom OG are about to bring!

This polarizing series returns with new episodes on that date, and MTV has unveiled a brand new extended trailer that gives viewers an in-depth look ahead.

Which couple is set to exchange vows? Who will be heading into a courthouse? And who is resigned to a divorce?

Scroll down for a summary of all the spoilers and to get a glimpse at the extra revealing and intriguing promo...

1. Here They Come... Again!

Here They Come... Again!
The OGs are ready to take over the world. New episodes of the show will return on Tuesday, March 17 on MTV.

2. So... What is Each Cast Member Up to This Season?

So... What is Each Cast Member Up to This Season?
Great question! Let's delve into each woman one by one, okay? Minus Bristol Palin, that is, who is no longer on the show.

3. She Does! Again!

She Does! Again!
On the new season of this MTV hit, Catelynn and husband Tyler won't just go to Hawaii... they'll get remarried there! Yup, the twosome will renew their vows.

4. That Is, Just, So Sweet

That Is, Just, So Sweet
We know, right?!? This husband and wife have been through miscarriages, adoptions, divorce rumors and more. And yet... here they are, you guys!

5. Tyler, In All the Tears

Tyler, In All the Tears
“I love you,” Tyler, 28, tells his wife as they stand on a gorgeous Maui hillside in the first preview for this season.

6. Et Tu, Catelynn?

Et Tu, Catelynn?
“I love you too," Catelynn says in perfect response on her second wedding day.

7. Awww, Little Vaeda!

Awww, Little Vaeda!
The couple — who are raising daughters Novalee, 5, and Vaeda, 11 months — traveled to Hawaii in September to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary. “Sunrises in Hawaii laying next to my wife @catelynnmtv doesn’t really get much more magical!” Tyler wrote via Instagram at the time.

8. Into the Courthouse, She Goes

Into the Courthouse, She Goes
On this new season, Amber will be facing the consequences for her alleged attack against Andrew Glennon this past July. As you can see here, she'll be entering a courthouse to deal with the legal fallout.

9. Anything Else from Amber in the Preview?

Anything Else from Amber in the Preview?
We don't learn more about where this case stands, no, but as a refresher: The day after Portwood reportedly attacked Andrew with a machete, the MTV star was charged with domestic battery, criminal recklessness committed with a deadly weapon and domestic battery committed in the presence of a child less than 16 years old.

10. Can She Even See Her Kids Right Now?

Can She Even See Her Kids Right Now?
Not James, no, not the son she shares with Glennon and who was present for her alleged attack. But we do see Amber helping to drop off daughter Leah in the trailer.

11. What About Maci?

What About Maci?
Maci Bookout focusing her efforts on reproductive health awareness, based on what we see here at least. She is shown speaking on the radio and hugging her husband, Taylor McKinney, while also saying she could “help a lot of young women."

12. A Proud Husband

A Proud Husband
"I’m so proud of you," Taylor says in response, proving that he's a very supportive husband, unlike Maci's troubled ex, Ryan.

13. Do We See Ryan at All in the Trailer?

Do We See Ryan at All in the Trailer?
Nope. No mention of him, either.

14. And Cheyenne?

And Cheyenne?
She has plans to start an event planning company. The trailer depicts her Floyd stating this intention and seems to also show her pointing things out an event.

15. Any Signs of Cory Wharton?

Any Signs of Cory Wharton?
Nope. Which is probably for the best, as Cheyenne's baby daddy is now expecting a child with his girlfriend, Taylor.

16. And Mackenzie McKee?

And Mackenzie McKee?
Viewers will also see Mackenzie McKee address her and Josh McKee’s marriage troubles, which were really the main focus of her storyline last year.

17. How Bad Does It Get?

How Bad Does It Get?
“I want this divorce,” Mackenzie says in the clip.

18. Yikes, Right?!?

Yikes, Right?!?
Yes... however: In a press release, MTV explains that the couple is “trying to make things work” this season and “figuring out if they will head down the aisle once again to reconfirm their love for each other.”

19. So Many Challenges Ahead

So Many Challenges Ahead
Mackenzie also says she wants to get back into the cheer industry in the trailer. We can likely also expect to see more of her mom Angie Douthit‘s health struggle before Mackenzie's beloved mom passed away on December 9.

20. But Is All Well That Ends Well?

But Is All Well That Ends Well?
We do see Mackenzie and Josh in an embrace, seemingly from the latter's October 2019 proposal, in which he asked for his wife's hand in marriage... again. They are currently back together.

21. Watch the Trailer Now!

It's time for "new hustles and new adventures," teases MTV in this preview. Get your first look at brand new scenes and scandals to come above!

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