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Even as Duggar fans praise her independence, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo have been slammed for their lavish lifestyle.

Nice clothes and getting your hair done are one thing, but how in the world can they afford their swanky L.A. house?

Jinger Duggar on Thanksgiving
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Jinger and Jeremy didn’t just move out to L.A. for the fun of it.

And whatever people may think, it wasn’t just to enrage Jim Bob by living in a city with actual people from different backgrounds in it.

See, they moved so that Jeremy could take graduate classes at the master’s seminary in L.A.

While there, they’ve been staying at a very nice house … at considerable expense.

Photo via Instagram

When Jinger and Jeremy first made the move, they shared that they would be staying at a church-owned rental house for about 6 months.

The house was built in the 1950s, but remodeled very recently — in 2015.

It’s a 4-bedroom house, and we all know how pricey Los Angeles property is.

The rental rate for the house is a whopping $4,000 a month.

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This is way out of their price range … especially considering that Jeremy and Jinger were out of work at the time.

The assumption was that Jeremy’s church had simply allowed them to move in for a while.

(Church-owned houses presumably do not have to pay property taxes, which is probably very bad for society but helpful to the Vuolos at the moment)

But offering up six months of possibly free housing doesn’t mean giving a family their forever home. What’s up?

Jinger Duggar With the New Hair
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Fans on social media have discussed different theories.

One Reddit user suggested that perhaps TLC arranged for the house and that the church was not actually involved.

Others theorized that they talked the church into letting them stay, selling them on "exposure" or some-such.

But some think that they may actually be making enough dough to afford shelling out $4000 a month on rent alone.

Jinger Gazes at Jeremy
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Jinger and Jeremy appear at events, and both event speakers and simple social media endorsements can bring people a lot of money.

And speaking of their online presence, both Jinger and Jeremy do cameos, favored among fans — particularly when getting each other presents.

Jinger’s personalized short videos go for $60 each. Jeremy’s cost only $40 a pop.

Together, they would each only have to do 40 cameos each to cover each month’s rent. That’s a lot of cameos, but only about a day’s work.

Jinger Duggar Wears Pants and Heels
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Maybe Jeremy’s church opted to let them stay while Jeremy completes his studies.

If so, the clock is ticking on their current residence. When Jeremy moves out, they’ll likely have to downsize.

Pastors living in Los Angeles can rake in an astonishing six-figure salary.

But most families would consider ditching half of their annual income on rent to be something to avoid if they can, even though most people cannot.

Jinger Duggar and Her Hubby
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It would be interesting to see if these two continue to enjoy L.A. as much once they’re paying an agonizing rent like everyone else.

But maybe with supplemented income — and perhaps some family money, if that’s in the picture — Jeremy and Jinger can continue their opulent lifestyle.

The less than $200,000 that they took in selling their house in Loredo can’t last forever, and presumably, neither can Jeremy’s church’s indulgence.

Maybe Counting On fans will get to see Jinger take a job to help pay for the lifestyle that she and Jeremy enjoy. Only time will tell.