Jenelle Evans Teases "Fun" New Project: Is She Returning to TV?

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By all appearances, Jenelle Evans' career as a reality star - or any kind of media entity, for that matter - is completely dead and buried.

Jenelle didn't just get fired from Teen Mom 2, she got canned with extreme prejudice and proceeded to burn every bridge available.

Jenelle in Nashville

In the weeks after she separated from David Eason, it briefly looked like Jenelle might stand an outside of chance of mounting a comeback.

Yes, they were both negligent parents with long histories of violence, bigotry, and abusive behavior toward children and animals.

But Jenelle seemed to be planning a pivot in which she would blame her entire ugly past on David.

Jenelle in the Snow

These days, however, it looks like that ship has sailed.

Evans and Eason are back together, which means she made a conscious decision to put her children back in harm's way by forcing them to live with a violent maniac.

At this point, Jenelle's career is officially toast.

Jenelle Evans Reborn

We can't tell you who will win the Democratic presidential nomination or what will what happen with the coronavirus, but we can say this much with 100 percent certainty:

No major TV network will ever again take a gamble on Jenelle Evans. Same goes for MTV for that matter.

And on the off, off, off chance that they did decide to work with her, they would quickly come to regret it.

Jenelle Evans is Delusional

Given her dire circumstances, you might think that Jenelle and David would choose to face facts and get real jobs.

Yeah, right.

That would mean behaving like responsible adults, which is something that's clearly beyond their capabilities.

Jenelle Evans and All Kids

Despite all of this, Jenelle continues to tease "future projects" as though she's one of the most in-demand media figures of today's multi-platform entertainment landscape

“Cannot waaaaait to share the project I’m involved with!” Evans tweeted on Saturday.

“It’s going to be super fun, positive vibes and no drama! Very different!"

Jenelle's Big Night

Evans added:

"I’ll keep you posted with updates within these next few months,” she added, concluding with the hashtag “#StayTuned."

In case there was any doubt that Jenelle is talking about some sort of media project, she added microphone and movie camera emojis. Subtle!

Jenelle Evans Reborn

Our guess would be that she's following in Kail Lowry's footsteps and launching a podcast.

The big difference, of course, is that Kail has found tremendous success in that field, while Jenelle is certain to fail in hilarious fashion.

But believe it or not, Evans still has a handful of fans who are rooting for her.

Jenelle Evans Eats

“Congratulations Jenelle that’s awesome girl,” wrote one commenter.

Fortunately, the vast majority of her replies were highly critical.

"I was really rooting for you....then you went back to David. Your poor kids and any pets yall may have," one person tweeted.

Smilin' Evans

"A new self help book on how to NOT raise your children?" another suggested.

"And a kids book 'When Animals Disappear'," a third follower remarked.

Hmmm ... we think that person may have just hit on something. 

If there ever were a Jenelle-attached project that people would actually pay good money for, that might just be the one.

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