Jenelle Evans: Teen Mom Stars React to Her Surprise Firing!

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It's finally happened.

The moment we've all been ... well, not exactly waiting for, but more specifically eagerly anticipating while also seriously dreading.

Jenelle Evans has been fired from Teen Mom 2.

Yep, MTV's made the statement and everything. This is real.

We'll get into why it happened and all the details, but we'll also check out how her fellow Teen Mom stars feel about what happened.

Because there really are just so many feelings here.

1. Here We Go

Here We Go
It's the end of an era, friends. Jenelle is no longer on Teen Mom 2.

2. What Happened?

What Happened?
If you've been keeping up with her recently, or, like, for her entire career, you know this has been a long time coming, but it's still pretty shocking, right?

3. The Statement

The Statement
According to MTV's official statement on the matter, “MTV ended its relationship with David Eason over a year ago in February 2018 and has not filmed any new episodes of Teen Mom 2 with him since. Additionally, we have stopped filming with Jenelle Eason as of April 6, 2019 and have no plans to cover her story in the upcoming season.”

4. Fair Enough

Fair Enough
Rumor has it that the network has been tossing around the idea of firing her ever since the filming of this season's reunion, which happened on the date MTV mentioned.

5. Girl

From what we've heard, Jenelle stormed offstage multiple times after being confronted for some offensive things she's said, and she was just being extra difficult the whole time.

6. Ugh, David

Ugh, David
And as we've seen this season, she hasn't been willing to film that much at all, and David keeps screwing things up whenever the crew did manage to work with her.

7. We Get It

We Get It
At a certain point, it just doesn't seem worth it to keep working with such a nightmare, no matter how good she may be for ratings and drama, and it seems like MTV reached that point last month.

8. RIP Nugget

RIP Nugget
But of course the Nugget tragedy didn't help.

9. A Real Monster

A Real Monster
Last week, Jenelle's French bulldog, Nugget, allegedly bit Ensley -- we say allegedly because David showed a photo of Ensley after the "attack" and the dog didn't even break the skin -- and David thought a good reaction to that would be to beat and shoot poor Nugget.

10. So Wrong

So Wrong
Reports claimed that he beat the dog so badly that when he came home, he was covered in blood, and that Jenelle and the kids were too shocked and scared to stop him or say anything.

11. Heartbreaking

Jenelle made several statements and social media posts about what happened, but the gist of it all was that she was devastated and that she was considering a divorce over what happened.

12. Not So Fast

Not So Fast
But just a few days later, she was paying his ex over $5,000 he owed her in child support to keep him out of jail, and now she's back to pretending everything is back to normal.

13. Nope

Just to be clear, nothing is normal here. Things are so bad that their local sheriff's department reportedly believes that David is the most dangerous man in at least the three surrounding counties, and that he'll do something much worse than what he did to Nugget if something doesn't stop him.

14. So Much for Justice

So Much for Justice
Unfortunately, it's becoming clear that police can't really do anything to David unless Jenelle presses charges, which we know she won't do.

15. Well, Maybe

Well, Maybe
But hey, maybe the fact that David and Jenelle are now both unemployed with a gaggle of kids and a petting zoo in their sinking swamp of a backyard will be enough to scare him straight?

16. Not So Much

Not So Much
Probably not, but that's the best case scenario at this point.

17. Here We Are

Here We Are
OK, so quick recap: Jenelle is a pain to work with and also there's been a ton of uproar after David murdered her dog, so she's no longer on Teen Mom 2.

18. Well ...

Well ...
And it seems like everyone is happy with that news.

19. Leah's Take

Leah's Take
Leah Messer made a lengthy statement on Twitter about it, writing "ANYONE that condones/contributes/doesn’t PREVENT or STOP animal cruelty or the murder of an innocent animals life is SICK & I REFUSE to be affiliated with! I want to sympathize for my former cast mate but at this point I can’t. ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!!"

20. Tell It!

Tell It!
"My heart was broken when I heard what happened to Nugget," she continued. "I’ve been overwhelmed with messages and comments and didn’t know how to address the situation. I could NEVER support or condone animal cruelty!! I just started crying when I came home to my Dog..... just looked at him/Champ and asked myself.. How could someone be so mean spirited!? I stand with allll of our fans!!!!"

21. Also Accurate

Also Accurate
Kailyn Lowry wasn't as chatty in her reaction -- she simply shared a link to an article about the firing with a shocked face emoji. Last week though, she did express disgust about what happened to Nugget.

22. Same

Briana DeJesus, Jenelle's only friend in the cast, just commented "Wow" before sharing her own articles about the news.

23. Houskas?

Chelsea Houska hasn't said anything about it, but her father, Randy, tweeted "I certainly think it was far past due, and that they really drug their ass is doing it. But I worry for the kids, and since we’ve been in this for 10 years together, I worry about Jenelle."

24. Classic Jeremy

Classic Jeremy
Jeremy Calvert agreed with Leah's statement, adding "Tell em girl," and he also made a comment of "Reality is hitting NC hard this evening!!!!!" As if that wasn't enough, he jammed to Nsync's classic "Bye Bye Bye" over in his Instagram story.

25. Good on You, Cheyenne

Good on You, Cheyenne
Over on the OG crew, Cheyenne Floyd said "As someone who grew up loving animals, I do not condone animal cruelty. Continually praying for the safety and livelihood of Janelle and her children, I hope she reaches out and gets the support she needs."

26. TOTALLY Different

TOTALLY Different
Amber Portwood hasn't directly commented on the firing, but when a fan said that ratings for the show would drop because people only watched for Jenelle and Amber, she replied "Good thing we're OG not Teen Mom 2 so how would that even affect us in any way though. People need to stop putting us all together. It's 2 completely different shows."

27. Hmmm

As for Jenelle's own reaction to the big news?

28. SO Shocked

SO Shocked
She shared a post about how she's "shocked" and "really upset" about being fired.

29. Jenelle, Please

Jenelle, Please
It's just ... really? She's shocked? She didn't see it coming, not even a little bit?

30. Facts

We think Randy's statement is probably the best one to sum this all up -- it needed to happen, but we're scared to see what comes next for Jenelle without any crew members checking in on her or any support at all.


From here on out, it's just her and David. And how terrifying is that?

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