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At the start of the year, Brooks Laich vowed to explore his own sexuality a short time after wife Julianne Hough came out as "not straight."

Now, he’s clarifying exactly what he means when he says that he’s exploring his identity as a sexual being.

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According to a slew of outlets, Brooks Laich has a lot to say — and clarify — in an upcoming episode of his podcast, How Men Think.

"Nothing dirty can exist between two people in love," Brooks says.

"A big part of my journey in 2020 is exploring my sexuality," he affirms.

"And," he makes clear, "by that I don’t mean if I’m gay or straight."

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Just because Brooks doesn’t mean the most interesting interpretation of "exploring" sexuality doesn’t mean that it’s not important — to him.

"I mean, in my sexual relationship," he explains, "what is my sexuality and what am I craving."

Brooks adds: "and what are my desires and what are my wife’s?"

"How can we have this language to feed each other," he openly asks. 

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Brooks continues his question: "and get everything we want and be sexually expressed to the nth degree in everything."

In January, he explained that he felt that he was not "fully expressed" in terms of his sexuality.

In the new podcast episode, he explains why he didn’t have time to evaluate his "capacity for sexual feelings."

The reason is that he spent years wholly focused upon being an athlete.

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"I woke up as an athlete, wanted to train, wanted to eat, sleep, rest, perform," Brooks recalls.

"Sexuality was way below all of that for the majority of my life…" he expresses.

Brooks explains: "I’ve been exposed to a beautiful new side of life that I’d never explored or thought to explore."

"It’s amazing," he characterizes.

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Last year, Julianne came out as "not straight."

Unfortunately, bisexual women are sometimes fetishized for the (imagined) potential that they might indulge their straight male partner with a threesome.

The question comes up, and Brooks shares his honest thoughts on whether he would be down to clown with an extra woman in the bed.

"I don’t know if I could ever get that," Brooks confesses.

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"I can’t ever see myself being physical with somebody else," Brooks expresses.

"I just don’t think I could get there," he admits. "I just don’t."

"In this stage of life," Brooks explains, "I’m looking for a deeper connection and romance."

Remember: just because that may sound so monogamous that it makes us die inside doesn’t mean that it’s our place to judge. He can live how he wants.

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"When I think of being married and being in my relationship, truthfully at my core, I don’t see any other life for me," Brooks gushes romantically.

He adds: "Like, that’s the life that I choose."

"I remember so vividly what it was like to be alone, to be single and feel alone and feel lonely," Brooks shares.

He says that this "makes me appreciate being married so much more."