Hannah Brown & Tyler Cameron: Did They Just Confirm That They're Dating?

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There's a lot of scary, depressing stuff in the news these days.

So allow us to provide some momentary relief with an encouraging update about Bachelor Nation's current favorite couple.

Tyler Cameron with Hannah

Okay, there's not a ton of competition in that department, since Peter Weber's season resulted in zero love matches, but at least Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron can give fans something to root for as they await the corona-delayed return of Bachelor In Paradise.

(We guess there's Listen To Your Heart for folks who like their Bachelor content with a dash of American Idol, but so far, it looks like viewers are taking a hard pass on that offering.)

Anyway, rumors that Hannah and Tyler are dating have been circulating on and off since the day she regrettably kicked him to the curb in favor of Jed Wyatt.

Tyler Cameron Gets Dumped

As you probably recall, Hannah asked Tyler on a date on her live After the Final Rose special; he accepted; they spent the night together ... but then they went their separate ways.

Tyler went on to make the most of his new life as the world's most famous runner-up, briefly dating fellow model Gigi Hadid and generally living it up with the A-list set.

But through it all, rumors about the Bachelorette couple that almost was persisted, as fans rooted for these two to find their way back to one another.

Now, it looks as though the shippers may have gotten their wish.

Hannah & Tyler

Tyler and Hannah were spotted on a dateĀ earlier this month after she travelled to Florida to attend his mother's funeral.

Of course, that could've just been a case of a friend supporting another friend during a difficult time.

What really convinced fans that this thing is happening is the fact that Hannah travelled back to Florida this week -- amidst a global pandemic, no less! -- in order to spend more time with Tyler.

Brown and Cameron were photographed on a second date earlier this week, and this time, they made no attempt to hide their affection.

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron: Quarantined Together

Now, in a move that should convince even the most hardened skeptics that these two are dating -- or at least staving off quarantine boredom by gettin' it on -- Tyler and Hannah have revealed that they're in social isolation together.

Yes, a fan snapped the photo above on Wednesday, and Brown and Cameron confirmed that they're riding out the coronavirus together by opening a joint TikTok account.

As you're surely aware, this thing could drag on for months, so the fact that Tyler and Hannah have chosen to spend at least part of their self-quarantine together should serve as ample evidence that they're more than friends.

After all -- there are only so many ways to keep busy at home, and posting TikTok vids gets old after a while.

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