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Last week, we reported on the news that Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron were spotted on a date.

Or perhaps we should say, they were spotted hanging out, and the entire internet eagerly jumped to the conclusion that they were on a date,

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It’s still a little unclear what was going on during the first sighting.

Cameron’s mother died earlier this month, and Hannah was by his side during a memorial service/celebration of life held at one of the dearly departed’s favorite restaurants.

So it could have been a case of a close friend offering support at a difficult time.

It’s worth noting that Hannah and Tyler continued to spend time together long after the pother mourners had returned home, but still …

Tyler Cameron with Hannah

No sure sign that there was anything more than a close friendship going on.

But the events of the past 24 hours have cast Tyler and Hannah’s relationship in a very different light.

It started on Sunday, when Tyler picked Hannah up from the Palm Beach Airport, just 30 minutes from his hometown of Jupiter, Florida.

A few hours later, the couple — we’re just gonna go ahead and start calling them a couple — was spotted at a nearby mall.

Hannah B. and Tyler C.

They posed for pics with fans and didn’t seem to mind being seen together.

Hannah hails from Alabama, but these days, she makes her home in Los Angeles.

So the fact that she made the trip to Florida twice in the past week — in the midst of a global pandemic, no less — seems to indicate that there’s more going on here than just friendship.

Photo via Instagram

Clearly, Tyler and Hannah are not very interested in social distancing at the moment!

These two are obviously fans of hands-on interaction, which would normally be just fine.

But with everything that’s going on, we would advise them to keep a little more distance between themselves and randos they encounter at the mall.

Just sayin’

Photo via ABC

Tyler, of course, was sent packing in the finale of Hannah’s season as Bachelorette.

Brown accepted a proposal from Jed Wyatt, but she quickly grew to regre her decision, especially when it came out that Wyatt had a secret girlfriend waiting at home the whole time. Whoops.

Hannah later tried to rectify her mistake by asking Tyler on a date during After the Final Rose episode, but her timing was off.

And by that, we mean Cameron was dating supermodels and generally enjoying life as a celebrity runner-up.

Photo via Instagram

But now it looks as though these two may have found their way back to one another.

Fans have been rooting for a happy ending for Hannah for months now, and we don’t jinx it, but it looks like they may have gotten their wish.

Hannah may have had to kiss a whole lot of frogs …

… but she may have finally found her prince.