Amy Roloff Gushes Over Jacob and Isabel: They Feel Like Home!

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Like everyone else, the entire Roloff family is reacting to the pandemic and focusing on remaining hopeful during a time of uncertainty.

But Amy is also taking time to give fans a lovely update on her occassionally polarizing son, Jacob.

Jacob Roloff and Amy Roloff, Mother-Son Selfie

Amy Roloff took to Instagram to share images of her with her Jacob and Jacob's wife, Isabel Rock.

"They’ve come back to the ‘neighborhood’ for a few days," she captions the photos.

"And," Amy continues, "I couldn’t be happier to see Jacob and Isabel."

Those who can safely be with family during this difficult time can draw extra comfort from one another.

Jacob Roloff, Amy Roloff, and Isabel Rock

"They’re well," Amy shares of her son and her daughter-in-law, "doing great and living life."

"This mom is always excited to have her kids come back," she gushes.

Amy adds that she is happy to see them "for just a visit or other."

"It feels like home!" she concludes her sweet post.

Jacob Roloff and Amy Roloff and ... Bread?

Amy and Jacob have always shared a close and special bond.

When Jacob first returned and tentatively made contact with his family after their falling out, he first reappeared on Amy's social media.

Despite Jacob's outspoken dissatisfaction with fame and the show, he even helped his mom with Instagram ads for her baking products.

Over time, he patched things up with the rest of his family, including his dad, Matt.

Jacob Roloff and His Better Half

Recently, Isabel Rock told fans about Jacob's sweet nickname for her.

Very casually, Jacob dropped calling her "Juji" into conversation.

This nickname is used by some members of her family, primarily her father.

Jacob adorably confessed to her that he had been waiting for years to use that nickname. So precious!

Jacob Roloff Outdoors

It is likely that one or more of the Roloff family -- as with all of us and our families -- may contract COVID-19 during the course of this pandemic.

It could even be Jacob or Isabel. Yes, young and healthy people can get it, and it isn't always mild.

Amy and Matt are both in the second half of their fifties, and Matt has suffered medical troubles for his entire life. This may make him "at risk."

It is our hope that the Roloff family will be able to insulate its most vulnerable members from the pandemic as much as possible.

A Big Kiss for Isabel Rock

Jacob and Isabel have known each other for years, even before they began dating.

They were classmates and neighbors in high school, though Isabel was older.

She noticed Jacob like most people notice each other -- she thought that he was hot -- and they struck up a friendship, and then more.

On a vacation to Iceland, Jacob proposed. Last fall, the two of them were married in a beautiful ceremony.

Amy Roloff on Valentine's Day

Jacob is not the only one who has found new love.

Amy Roloff has been dating Chris Marek for years. After much hype from fans, they are now engaged.

Now that Amy has moved off of Roloff Farms, things are a little less tense and awkward when it comes to her romantic life.

It's good that the Roloffs are keeping fans updated on their lives. We could all use good news, even when it's just a distraction.

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