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Even after Jacob Roloff and Isabel Rock married last year, their lengthy relationship has continued to grow and evolve beautifully.

Now, Isabel is sharing a touching story about how Jacob slyly introduced a precious and meaningful nickname for her.

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"If you need a feel good story today, read on," Isabel begins her uplifting post.

A lot of people could use "feel good" stories these days, all things considered.

"Since I was a baby," she reveals, "I have had a special nickname."

And no, it’s not "Izzy." You’re unlikely to guess this one.

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Isabel continues, writing that this is a nickname "that I have n e v e r before shared here."

She explains that she has kept this private "because it is so sacred to me."

We would of course understand if she had opted to keep it private forever.

Instead, she knew that this was a story that followers need right now — and one that she wanted to share.

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"It is a pretty big deal in my family," Isabel reveals.

She gushes: "I love it."

"Only the people closest to me who have known me for years call me by it," Isabel shares.

"And," she expresses, "it makes my heart truly feel warm and fuzzy whenever anybody uses it."

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"My dad almost exclusively calls me by it," Isabel notes.

She then reveals that "Jacob and I have developed a pretty good imitation of my dad."

Isabel explains that the two of them have gotten so much practice speaking as her dad "because he is hilarious and incredibly quotable."

Immitating funny people is a huge step towards being funny yourself.

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"Jacob frequently repeats his unique phrases," Isabel continues.

She notes that he always does so "in his distinguishable Chilean accent."

Isabel loves this "because it makes both of us laugh and think of him."

That is so cute!

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"Last week," Isabel recalls, "I asked Jacob a question."

She narrates: "and he replied, ‘Don’t know, Juji.’"

The nickname is revealed!

Isabel remarks that he said the nickname "with the same inflection my dad uses."

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"We looked at each other," Isabel describes. "He smiled."

"A few days later," she goes on, "it happened again."

Isabel characterizes: "but he did it pretty casually."

Folks, this is just so touching.

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"I noticed it hadn’t been addressed yet," Isabel continues.

She narrates: "so I asked, ‘That’s new. You call me Juji now?’"

"He looked down," Isabel recalls, and "blushed."

She concludes: "And said, ‘I have secretly wanted to call you that for five years.’"

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Folks, that is such a cute, precious, and moving story, particularly considering that it’s a reminder of how long they have loved each other.

That may sound like a cheesy line from a romance movie if you want to be cynical about it, but it’s not cheesy when it’s real life.

Jacob and Isabel were lucky to have met each other at such young ages.

They haven’t just gotten to know each other. They’ve been actively influencing each other and growing together since they were teens.