Roloffs React to National Pandemic, Send Messages of Hope to Fans

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The Roloff family rose to fame on a TLC reality show titled Little People, Big World.

At the moment, however, Amy, Matt and their kids are really a part of one tiny world, as citizens from around the globe can tragically relate to one enormous and growing problem:

Audrey Roloff and Always More

The outbreak of Covid-19 across the world.

School systems are closely nearly everywhere in America, as are almost all non-essential businesses in many cities.

The country is practically shut down -- but the same can't be said of social media, of course.

One could even argue that platforms such as Instagram are more important than ever, as they give folks a chance to reach out and keep in touch... without any danger of spreading any illnesses.

On the Beach with Jackson

On the heels of Audrey Roloff telling followers to keep praying, we thought it would be nice, helpful and uplifting to share a number of other messages these reality stars have been sending of late.

Tori, for example, is also turning to God during this challenging time.

She posted the above and below photos of her family out and about (and isolated) over this past weekend and wrote the following as a caption:

Zach and Son Jackson

I needed today. I needed time with my family. We took a trip to our favorite [isolated] beach.

We played in the tide pools, ate sandwiches, watched bald eagles, and ran through Oregon beach water in our undies.

I needed a mind escape and today gave me that. I hope you guys are doing okay. I go back and forth.

The uncertainty is what gets me. Not knowing an end date or knowing whether or not my loved ones will get sick. I needed a mind break.

Tori Roloff, Lilah and Jackson

I needed to be reminded that God has got this and there is no better place to feel Gods presence than at the coast.

I hope your doing okay. Let me know down below what y’all are doing to give yourself a mind break!! Stay healthy friends and remember- Gods got this!

Important words to live by, you know?

Amy Roloff Looks at Fans

Amy also took to her official page and wrote:

It’s better to ‘stay in’, do social distancing, wash your hands... and do all of the other things, as individuals, to help beat this ‘invisible enemy’ we’re all fighting.

Together we can overcome and get on the other side of this better.

She said her sister canceled a trip to see their 91-year old father for safety reasons and concluded:

Amy Roloff in Oregon

Continue to stay safe, pay attention to what we’re asked to do on the federal, your state, city... Be patience, be kind and be a neighbor and help when and where you can.

Reach out to others.

Thank you to ALL the helpers. We can’t get through this without You.

Roloffs on a Prayer Walk

Audrey, finally, talked in the past about going on "prayer walks" with her immediate family.

She's now continuing to drive this faithful point home.

"In a world so full of uncertainty, anxiety, confusion, and fear, there is...

Always more hope to rely on⁣. Always more grace to extend⁣. Always more to truth to seek. Always more peace receive. Always more joy to experience⁣. Always more strength to endure⁣. Always more love to give.

Jeremy Roloff Turns Serious

Indeed, she may have retired that story.

But these are still words Audrey tries to live by.

Little People, Big World returns with new episodes on March 31.

For an idea of what's to come, scroll down below...

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