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If you’ve been following our Bachelor spoilers all season, then you know that information about Peter Weber’s relationship status has been hard to come by.

If you haven’t been sleuthing your way through the season with us, then consider this your warning to bail out now, because, folks — here some the spoilers!

Peter Weber and His Ladies

Now, as you may recall from our previous installments of "Who’s Sitting Co-Pilot In Player Pete’s Cockpit?" we know the identity of Peter’s final two.

Hannah Ann Sluss, Madison Prewett, Kelsy "The Weeper" Weiss, and Victoria Fuller all make it to the homnetown rounds.

Victoria gets eliminated when Peter learns of her habit of sleeping with her friends’ husbands, and we assume Kelsey gets kicked to the curb when she bursts into tears after she bursts into tears in response to a light breeze or an unusually long red light.

That leaves Hannah and Madison, both of whom have some major points in their favor.

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Madison has already met Peter’s parents and has managed to mostly steer clear of the drama that’s engulfed most of the cast this season.

Hannah Ann has taken a more aggressive approach and seems to have forged the tightest bond with Pete.

Usually, by this point in the season, we have a pretty good idea of how things play out in the finale.

This year, however, producers have succeeded in keeping a tight lid on proceedings.

Hannah Ann Sluss on The Bachelor

That hasn’t stopped fans and the media from snooping around of course, and Life & Style published a piece today suggesting that Peter is engaged to Hannah Ann.

Of course, he outlet would likely be the first to admit that the Peter-Hannah coupling is nothing more than a theory at this point.

Their conclusion is based on a pair of interviews Peter gave on two different podcasts.

First, he appeared on to Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti’s Almost Famous podcast, where he re-affirmed that his season has a wildly dramatic conclusion.

Peter Weber and His Ladies

“I definitely couldn’t have predicted what ended up happening. There’s no way I could’ve and that’s kind of what made me say that. Literally, until the very last second, stuff is happening,” Weber explained.

“Literally until the very last day, the last second, I’m going through stuff. It was the most beautiful experience but also the hardest.” 

Sounds intense!

But don’t worry, it soundd like Peter doesn’t suffer the same unfortunate fate as the still-single Hannah Brown who, at the ripe old age of 25, might as well get a bunch of cats and start knitting doilies.

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(That’s sarcasm, folks. No need to roast us in the comments.)

Asked point-blank if he’s still on the market, Peter shut the conversation down with a non-answer, saying simply that he’s “happy.”

Sounds to us like he put a ring on … someone?

But why Hannah?

Hannah Ann

Well, for that, we turn to Peter’s appearance on Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin‘s Bachelor Happy Hour.

When the hosts compared Hannah’s aggressive gamesmanship to that of Luke P. from Hannah Brown’s season, Peter clapped back in a big way.

“No, not even close. Not even close. Don’t even go there … She was intentional, but that’s different,” Weber replied.

“Hannah Ann was someone that … That girl knew exactly what she wanted coming into this and never let me question that,” he added.

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“And I literally mean that from the beginning. She was the first person to steal me away for the first conversation," Weber continued.

"She was the first kind of normal kiss. Not from like the first entrances. We clicked immediately.”

Is it incontrovertible proof that Peter and Hannah are soon to exchange vows?

Obviously not — but we feel comfortable declaring Ms. Sluss as the official frontrunner.

Hey, anything to shed that gnarly last name, right? Just kidding, Hannah Ann!