Joe Giudice Announces Podcast: I'm a Relationship Expert Now!

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In recent episodes of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Joe's words to Teresa have been downright cruel. Now, he's in Italy.

He has announced a brand new venture to keep people updated on his life, and he's using that announcement to apologize to his wife.

Joe Giudice in All Black

Joe Giudice is launching a new venture -- in the form of a podcast.

"I'm seeing 'the real world,'" Joe's exciting new announcement, posted to Instagram, begins.

"So," he reasons, "I thought now would be the perfect time to let YOU ALL join me with a series of episodes."

Joe explains that followers can join him "THROUGH MY PODCAST COMING SOON!"

Joe Giudice with a Selfie

"I will be sharing with you lots of JUICY INSIDE SCOOP!" Joe promises, like a very frightening ice cream vendor.

"I'm traveling through these many areas," he details, " to show you that people instill family values and happiness on a dime, not [big bucks]."

Joe promises: "I will be giving you the real inside scoop of my real life."

"Not," he clarifies, an "edited version."

Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice Kiss

"Okay guys," Joe continues, "I know the trap of work, bills, kids, friends, outings, and school sports consume as as parents."

He notes that this happens to the point "that we forget to tell our partner/family what they mean to us."

"For many of us in a realtionship," Joe laments, "It's too late."

He writes that people take too long to recognize "when you realize just how thankful you are to have such an amazing partner or family in your life."

Joe Giudice Interview Pic

Joe acknowledges that people regret that "you never know how to tell him or her" how much they mean to their partners.

"We all make mistakes, have struggles, and even regret things in our past," he writes.

"I want to lend my experiences to help fix them before it can lead to mistakes," Joe explains.

We get the feeling that he's talking about how unkind he has been to Teresa in recent episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Joe Giudice Sees His Girls Again

"You are not alone," Joe affirms.

"Never waste time in anger or regrets," he advises his fans and followers.

Joe notes that people should focus on what they can change "when you can be fixing the underlying problem!"

That's actually pretty good advice. Regret is not an especially useful emotion.

Teresa Giudice and Hubby

"Let's face it," Joe suggests. "Arent' you tired of hearing how perfect some relationships are?"

"Fact: Teresa and I were not perfect," he writes.

"But," Joe points out, "we do have love."

He notes that they shared affection "and fought for each other, oldschool!"

Joe Giudice Selfie

Joe's entire life has been torn apart, but he knows that there's a lot of interest in his life. So a podcast seems like a natural choice.

Podcasting (called podcasts even though no one has iPods anymore) aren't just a way to get your opinions out there; they can be monetized.

Allowing sponsorships is an easy way to monetize, even if your listeners get tired of hearing about Blue Apron or whatever.

One can even sell premium episodes or promote your own products on a podcast. More money for Joe means more money for his daughters.

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