The Bachelor Spoilers: Peter Weber's Final 12; Hannah Brown Still Trying to Win Pilot's Heart?!

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These are strange times in Bachelor Nation.

Hannah Brown was among the most divisive choices for Bachelorette in franchise history, and fans are equally divided in their opinions of Peter Weber, who was rejected by Hannah and is currently filming his season as Bachelor.

It's not that Peter is disliked by viewers, exactly.

It's just the buzz about Mike Johnson becoming the first black Bachelor was so enthusiastic that the idea of producers going in a different direction seemed unfathomable.

But these days, Mike is dating Demi Lovato, and Peter is dating 12 lucky ladies who survived the first half of his season.

And there might be a familiar face in the bunch.

Courtesy of spoiler king Reality Steve here's our latest round of Bachelor intel!

1. Bachelor Pete!

Bachelor Pete!
Taping for Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor is already well underway. And you know what that means -- another year of Bachelor spoilers is upon us!

2. Thinning the Herd

Thinning the Herd
According to spoiler master Reality Steve Carbone, Peter has already dashed hopes at four separate rose ceremonies, winnowing his group of potential love matches down from 32 to 12 in the process.

3. Tough Decisions

Tough Decisions
As we know from remarks made by past Bachelors and Bachelorettes, it's never easy to break so many hearts. And there have been rumors that Peter's time on the show was made even more difficult by the unexpected return of a former flame.

4. The Beast Is Back!

The Beast Is Back!
As you may recall, Peter and Hannah REALLY hit it off during her time as Bachelorette.

5. The Windmill Man

The Windmill Man
Specifically, they hit it off three times in one night during their one-on-one date -- in a windmill, no less!

6. TMI?

Sure, it was a little weird watching Peter's parents enthusiastically applaud their son's recovery speed as Hannah gave a detailed account of their date, but this is the Bachelor franchise, after all. Literally everything about it is weird.

7. The Return

The Return
Anyway, Reality Steve confirmed this week that Hannah will be appearing on Peter's season of The Bachelor. But not as a contestant.

8. An Odd Decision

An Odd Decision
For some reason, Hannah was brought in to "host" a group date between Peter and several of the remaining contestants.

9. We Don't Blame Him

We Don't Blame Him
Not surprisingly, this led to an emotionally fraught situation, and Peter canceled the date, falsely citing illness as his reason.

10. Not Cool, Guys

Not Cool, Guys
So basically, if you've ever wondered if Bachelor producers are as sadistic as they seem, the answer is a resounding "yes!"

11. Heart-to-Heart

According to Steve, instead of embarking on a group date, Peter decided to have a one-on-one conversation with Hannah.

12. A Mutual Decision

A Mutual Decision
In that convo, both agreed that Peter should proceed with taping and try to find love among his remaining contestants.

13. Just Getting Warmed Up!

Just Getting Warmed Up!
However, that doesn't mean you've seen the last of Ms. Beast Mode ...

14. The Hannah Factor

The Hannah Factor
In fact, according to Carbone, the possibility for ongoing romantic tension with Hannah was producers' primary reasoning for choosing Peter as Bachelor.

15. Steve's Take

Steve's Take
"By the way, if any of you are still wondering why Peter was chosen as the 'Bachelor' this season, these spoilers are pretty much your reason why," he wrote in a blog post on Tuesday.

16. A Calculated Decision

A Calculated Decision
"They're weaving Hannah into as many storylines as possible," he added. "This wasn't done in a moment's notice."

17. Hannah Brown on Instagram

Hannah Brown on Instagram
But hey, it's not all about Hannah ... right? No, there are still 12 other women competing for Peter's heart, and Carbone has photos of them returning from this weekend's rose ceremony.

18. Lexi Made It

Lexi Made It
We believe the woman Steve identified as Lexi is Texas native Alexa T.

19. Vicky Is Safe

Vicky Is Safe
Victoria P. also made the cut. It's not looking so good for the other Victoria.

20. Kelsey W., Come on Down!

Kelsey W., Come on Down!
Kelsey is still in the running for Pete's affections. We know she's from Des Moines, Iowa, and ... well, that's about all we know about her.

21. Natasha Is Still Alive

Natasha Is Still Alive
New Yorker Natasha made the most recent cut, as well. Add her to Hannah's enemy list!

22. Syd Vicious

Syd Vicious
Speaking of Hannah, fellow Alabama native Sydney is still in the running!

23. Kelley and Madison: United In Victory

Kelley and Madison: United In Victory
Hey, ya know who else is from Birmingham? Kelley! And it looks like she's formed a bond with Chicago native Madison.

24. Mykenna Hearts Hannah

Mykenna Hearts Hannah
Folks, it looks like we have some tight friendships among the final twelve. As you can see, Mykenna and Hannah are also BFFs.

25. Victoria F., Shiann, and Tammy

Victoria F., Shiann, and Tammy
And these three round out the group of Peter's final twelve heading into the second half of the season. Who will make it to the hometown round? Only time will tell -- but we'll have all your spoilers right here!

26. A Moment For the Fallen

A Moment For the Fallen
Of course, it wouldn't be a season of The Bachelor without a whole mess of broken hearts. Buck up, ladies! You'll get a ton of new Instagram followers once your season airs!

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