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Sister Wives fans have a lot of opinions, but you’d be hard pressed to find one who doesn’t agree that Kody Brown sucks.

It’s not just fans who think that. Meri has had it up to here with Kody speaking for her, and she has taken to Twitter to put him on blast.

Meri Brown in 2019
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"I do have to say, I can’t speak for all of us," Meri Brown’s tweet delicately begins.

"But when Kody says ‘all’ of us can’t handle seeing him with another woman," she writes, "he is so wrong."

Meri notes that he is incorrect "and shouldn’t be speaking for me."

She follows those words with the shrug emoji.

Apparently, Meri’s tweet caused enough of a stir for Kody to reply with a quote-tweet.

"Okay, sorry that I ‘generalized’ again," he begins, though we’re unsure why he included passive aggressive quotation marks around "generalized."

"It is true that I sometimes accuse them of ‘all’ doing something," Kody admits.

His tweet concludes by saying that his accusations tend to involve something "that usually is one wife only."

Jealousy is something that can rear its ugly head even in the most loving and committed plural marriages.

Just as some people could never be happy in a monogamous relationship, others feel stabs of emotional pain even though they wish that they didn’t.

Some would say that this is the result of a conflict between who they are as people and their religious belief in polygamy.

Others would say that Kody is a toxic husband who simply doesn’t treat his wives equally, fairly, or give them enough emotional support.

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Christine has been fairly vocal about her opposition to Kody’s dream of a huge house.

She has lived that way before — all of the sister wives cohabitated with Kody before Robyn entered the picture.

Christine is of the opinion that she is a better mother and also a better wife when she and her sister wives live in separate houses.

It’s not that she doesn’t love them, it’s just that she doesn’t want others walking into the bedroom when she and Kody are together. That’s fair.

Kody Brown, Janelle Brown at U2
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In contrast, Janelle is all for Kody’s dream of building a polygamy palace for the entire Brown family.

Some Sister Wives fans have speculated that Janelle simply suffers from low self-esteem and will blindly follow anything that Kody suggests.

But Janelle’s stated reason is that she feels that the Brown family is not as close as they once were. She misses that.

Janelle thinks that everyone living under one roof will help the family become more closely knit.

Meri Brown Goes Colorful
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Meri has her own reasons to be reluctant to share close quarters with Kody day in and day out.

At the moment, despite being his first wife, she has a strained relationship with Kody.

"It’s different than I want it to be at this point,” Meri has explained. “It’s easier for me to avoid."

"I just think it would make it difficult to be in one home for me right now — just because of that," she reasoned. Poor Meri.