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On Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelor, Luke Parker outed himself as a sociopathic villain early on, yet he managed to hang on and make it into the final three.

This can be cited as evidence of the fact that Hannah has pretty terrible taste in men and thus, should not be given a second chance as Bachelorette, but that’s a conversation for another time.

Luke Parker and Hannah Brown
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We’d like to say Hannah eventually listened to the concerns of those around her and acknowledged the evidence in front of her face, but really, she only kicked dude to the curb after Luke slut-shamed her for having sex with other contestants during Fantasy Suite week.

That’s literally what the Fantasy Suites are for, but apparently Luke felt that Hannah should conform to his religious beliefs, even though she had not previously expressed any aversion to premarital sex.

Luke was slammed by fans and fellow contestants alike after he guilt-tripped Hannah for daring to engage in intercourse with a person she might soon be marrying.

Hannah Brown and Peter Weber Backstage
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Of course, one of the dudes she got it on with was none other than Peter Weber, who famously had sex with Hannah in a windmill – four times, no less!

So it’s interesting that Peter now finds himself in a similar situation, as one of his final three contestants has made it quite clear that she does not want him living out any fantasies in the Fantasy Suites.

We learned several weeks ago that Madison Prewett is a virgin who plans on "saving herself" for marriage.

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What we didn’t know until Monday night, however, is that Madison informed Peter that should he decide to have sex with either Victoria Fuller or Hannah Ann Sluss, she would find it difficult "to move forward" with him.

For obvious reasons, the move prompted comparisons between Madison and Luke P.

But is that fair? In one sense, the actions of the two contestants are very similar.

A Kiss for Luke
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Both knew exactly what they were getting involved with when they auditioned for the show.

Both are being more than a little unfair by making such a major demand so late in the game.

If either of them had made it clear early on that they found the usually Fantasy Suite activities to be morally objectionable, the person doling out the roses could have exercised the option of eliminating them before they reached that point.

Madison Prewett Photo

One thing that Madison has going for her that Luke did not, however?

The fact that she voiced her objections before the sexy-time took place, rather than chewing him out afterward.

We won’t know for certain until next week, but it looks as though she breaks the news to him directly after the most recent rose ceremony, well before she boards the plane to Australia, where Peter likely plans to spend a lot of time Down Under.

Peter Weber, Madison Prewett
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Clearly, the revelation complicates things considerably, particularly since Pete basically dodged Madison’s follow-up questions when she revealed that she’s, like, Ned Flanders-level religious during their last one-on-one date.

To be fair, it was hard to tell what she was saying with all those "likes."

Plus, we suppose he made up some ground when her family toasted with wineglasses full of sweet tea and he managed to get through it without laughing his ass off.

Madison Prewett Pic
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“It is kind of a black and white situation. These are the expectations that I have for myself. These are the expectations that I have for our relationship,” she says in a preview of next week’s episodes.

Needless to say, the other ladies are not sympathetic to her plight.

“I’m sorry. That’s disgusting. Putting him in that position is so unfair,” Victoria says in response to the situation.

Prewett, Madison
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If you want to know exactly how the Aussie virginity situation plays out, you can check out our latest Bachelor spoilers here.

We don’t think you’ll be shocked to learn that it looks as though Peter is gonna bang both of his non-fundamentalist contestants during Fantasy Suite week.

After all, he hasn’t been putting up with Victoria’s crazy ass all season just so he could spend their overnight playing checkers!