Teresa and Joe Giudice: Is There Any Chance They Reconcile?

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Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice are no longer living as husband and wife. 

As previously detailed, the infamous Real Housewives of New Jersey co-stars separated in December... following months of speculation about their marriage and rumors that it was very much over.

But here's the thing:

Teresa Touches Joe

Neither side has confirmed this split and, even more pertinent, the Giudices have not yet filed for divorce.

Does this mean there's actually a chance they reconcile? Might the relationship not be as over as it's seemed of late?

Remember, not everything you read on the Internet is accurate. We're sorry if you believed otherwise.

Could it not be in the realm of possibilities that these two have been talking in private and have decided to work out their issues for the sake of their four kids?

Teresa Giudice and Joe on Bravo

In short, we now appear to have an answer -- and that answer is yes. It is out of the realm of possibilities.

Joe Gorga himself confirmed as much when talking this week with Us Weekly.

“I think they should have been separated sooner. She should have moved on much sooner,” Gorga told this tabloid on Tuesday, speaking on his sister and brother-in-law.

He then spelled it out as plainly as possible:

There is “zero chance” of the couple getting back together," he added. “They’re done. That ship has sailed.”

Teresa Giudice Hold Hands

Can't exactly say this is a shocker, can we?

On last week's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa openly said for the first time that Joe had cheated on her.

She then went on to say she confronted the mistress and strongly believes this instance of infidelity was not a one-time thing. 

And yet... Gorga believes there was actually a window at some point. There was a chance that Joe Giudice could have made things right between himself and his wife.

2 giudices

“It’s over," Gorga reiterated in this interview, prior to delving more deeply and adding:

"He didn’t know how to act. If he acted right, maybe. I believe if he came out and was so apologetic and showed her so much love and just was different — and he wasn’t that man that he was before...

"I think she probably would have given him a second chance. Because you know, you’re keeping your family together.

"It’s hard out there being single and you’re bringing somebody else in the house, it’s different. She would have done something, but he just came out wrong -- completely wrong.”

Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice Kiss

As you likely know by now, Joe is living in Italy while he awaits confirmation that he'll be deported from the United States.

His daughters recently visited him over there, but Teresa remained at home.

Despite all the tension that exists between the estranged couple, Joe recently gushed over Teresa in honor of Valentine's Day.

Joe Giudice with a Selfie

"Thank you for providing so well for this family. I think we make a great team. I really appreciate you," wrote Joe in a surprising social media tribute.

It's a nice sentiment and all, but it also begs one question:

If Teresa is living with the kids and Teresa is providing for the family... what role on the team is Joe playing, exactly?

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