Robyn Brown Really Thought She'd Have One More Child

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Robyn Brown's life has not turned out exactly the way she once thought it would.

So admitted the Sister Wives star on the most recent episode of this controversial TLC reality series.

Robyn Brown on an Episode

This admission may have been missed on Sunday night because the focus on the installment, as it has been for weeks, centered on Kody Brown trying to convince his women that they all should live in one house.

This proposal, once again, did not go over well.

At one point, though, Robyn, Meri, Brown and Janelle got together to make vision boards, wiith Christine, askiing Kody’s fourth wife:

“Not thinking about babies anymore?” 

Robyn Brown on a Trip

The question was relevant because Kody sort of recently admitted that he may not be done having kids and Robyn would be the most logical candidate to give birth to the reality star's next child.

Robyn at first made a joke in response to the question about not getting any kind of divine message about it, but then said in a confessional:

“To be honest, I thought there was gonna be another one. I thought I was gonna have another baby before I was done.”

“I think Kody’s kind of in the same place I am,” she added. “He’s kinda like, ‘I’d keep having babies if I could.’ Because he just loves having kids.”


Well, sure.

It's easy to keep having kids when you play no role whatsoever in raising them.

Kody and Robyn are parents to a daughter named Ariella and it was widely presumed for awhile that she would be it for this large family.

And Kody has basically acknowledged it will be... but has also expressed some hesitation in truly commiting to this conclusion.

Kody Brown and the Sister Wives, Thanksgiving 2019

“I realized that I’m 50 and so by the time Ariella is done being my little girl, that I’ll be 70,” the Sister Wives patriatch explained in a different confessional, adding:

“I was either looking forward to being a father, or a father, for the past 35 years.

"It’s a weird thought for me to think that I am not gonna have any more kids."

Kody Brown and the Sister Wives in Season 14

Janelle, for her part, said this past Sunday on air that there are a lot of beliefs about “pre-destiny” when it comes to family and children in their religion.

“We believe that there is some destiny to how many children we have,” she said.

Robyn is only 41 years old, meaning it's not all that crazy for her to become a mother once again.

Especially in this day and age.

Robyn Brown Confesses

With constant chatter over the possibility of her getting pregnancy again, Robyn has said this about any such scenario:

“Kody and I are like always trying to make sure that our family is complete and there isn’t some sweet little spirit in Heaven waiting to be born to our family.

"We just want to make sure that, like, Ari really, truly is the last of our family.”

Translation: The couple is likely done... but you never know!

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