Paola Mayfield Claps Back at Mom-Shaming Troll Who Told Her to Cover Up!

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More than one year after giving birtth to precious baby Axel, 90 Day Fiance star Paola Mayfield is lfaunting her incredible body.

Naturally, mom-shaming trolls are still out in force. Pao is clapping back at people who say that she should keep her body covered at all times.

Paola Mayfield, Florida Selfie

Paola Mayfield uploaded a new pantsless mirror selfie, showing off the curve of her booty along with her powerfully muscular thigh.

"Be happy with what you have while you work for what you want," her caption begins.

Paola then writes that she is "loving every little change in my body."

She is a fitness model by trade, but both time and childbirth can have a huge impact on your body's shame in many ways.

Paola Mayfield Is Happy With Changing Body

Naturally, showing her thigh meant getting a typo-filled earful in the comments from people who think that mothers should don a nun'/s habit.

"I get that you are proud of your bod," one commenter writes, "and you should be."

"But posting pictures of yourself everyday is making you look starved for attention!" the comment reads.

"I used to LOVE you on the show," the former fan writes, "but after following you on IG, my opinion has changed."

Paola Mayfield Poses One Year After Giving Birth

"Your so beautiful," the commenter continues, "but your making yourself look trashy by constantly showing half naked selfies EVERYDAY!"

"Your beautiful, a mom and a wife...." the follower priases.

The mom-shamer then insists "there is no reason for you to expose yourself on the internet to prove to us, you work out."

"Have [more] self respect!" the comment demands.

Paola Mayfield IG clapback body shaming feb 2020

Paola actually took the time out of her day to reply to this troll.

"Do you [see] those muscles?" she asks the mom-shamer. "Do you know that I am a personal trainer?"

"What you see is what I sell," Paola points out.

She explains that she is effectively selling "a body who lives a healthy lifestyle, who loves working out."

Paola Mayfield and Russ Mayfield Snap an Alluring Selfie

Paola describes herself as someone "who love motivating people to make healthy choices."

"You can't sell if the store isn't open," she quips.

Oh, that's a very good line. 

"Just a secret that probably everyone knows," Pao concludes, "is that Instagram is to post pictures."

Paola Mayfield in a VERY Tight Dress

They both made some typos in their posts. Everybody makes typos. It's part of life.

But unlike the mom-shamer who commented, Pao actually makes some great points.

She is a fitness model by trade. Yes, we know that they are reality stars and that Russ is realistically the breadwinner.

Even so, Paola is accustomed to showing off her incredible body. It's not just bragging -- it's part of her brand.

Paola Mayfield Rocks Her Post-Baby Body 12 Months Later

Second of all, Pao is absolutely right when she says that Instagram is for sharing pictures.

There are accounts that just post butts all of the time. It's not to sell anything, it's just for the love and appreciation of butts.

If you don't want to see photos of people, don't go on Instagram.

If you're just there to see baby photos, follow a fully clothed mom who doesn't flaunt her abs for a living.

And if you just want updates on Russ and Pao and Axel, we here at THG can keep you up to date on the Mayfield family's major life events.

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