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Sister Wives fans growing worried over one of this show’s cast members is not anything news.

Just a few days ago, we wrote about viewers voicing concern about Meri due to her onslaught of cryptic and negative social media messages.

Now, however, such attention has turned to Robyn Brown.

Robyn Brown and Company

On this past Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives, Robyn made is extra clear that she did not like her husband’s proposal for all women to live under the same roof.

Robyn wasn’t alone in this opinion, but her basis for being against Kody’s dream scenario — which the patriarch has been pushing for weeks on the TLC series — was different from Christine’s, for example.

Christine Tweeted this week that she’s actually a better mom when she lives apart from Kody and the other wives because she needs her own space to relax and recharge.

Makes sense, right?

Sister Wives: A Poster

However, Robyn said on the aforementioned episode that she would feel uncomfortable living under the same roof as Meri, Christine and Janelle mostly because she would have to watch them actually go out on dates.

She simply hated the idea of basically being reminded that Kody has not just one other romantic relationship…

… but three other ones.

Isn’t Robyn already aware of this? Isn’t it the entire point of a plural marriage?

Take Christine, For Example

Yes, but Robyn’s point was that it’s still asking too much of her to have to see first-hand what goes on between Kody and the other women.

Live-Tweeting during the installment, Kody mocked this criticism.

"If you don’t want to see me leave with the other wife, don’t look out the window," he wrote.

As you can see below, Janelle felt the same way and so did Meri; everyone essentially ganged up on Robyn for expressing her point of view.

How did Robyn respond to this backlash?

She didn’t, and that’s the thing.

After live-Tweeting episodes herself all through January, Robyn remained silent on Sunday evening.

She actually hasn’t posted anything to Twitter since she sort of blasted Kody for being a drama king, causing many to wonder if she’s either being punished by her family in some way

… or is simply so discouraged by her lack of support these days that she’s chosen to go dark.

The answer, of course, could be neither of the above options.

Perhaps she was just a little busy over the past few days. There could be any one of many reasonable scenrios for why Robyn hasn’t Tweeted in awhile, none of which involve tension between her and any Sister Wives.

But with the way this show’s stars are talking and acting these days, well…

… can you blame us for thinking the worse here?