Robyn Brown Mocks Kody Brown: You're Such a Drama Queen!

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Robyn Brown didn't merely live-Tweet the most recent episode of Sister Wives.

She also live-mocked the man around whom this TLC reality show is built.

Robyn Brown Confesses

For those who missed it, Sunday evening's installment of Sister Wives centered on Kody Brown officially presenting a proposal to his four wives and many of his kids.

He explained in detail - via a slideshow, on Christmas Eve morning - why he thinks a huge mansion in Flagstaff would be ideal for the whole family; or, more specifically, for him personally.

Scary Kody Brown

The Sister Wives weren't really on board with the idea, however, for two main reasons:

  1. They wanted some privacy.
  2. They didn't see how they could afford it.

Indeed, the episode also cut often to Janelle making a return to Las Vegas in a failed attempt to sell the homes the Browns left behind there.

Sister Wives Poster

Of all the Sister Wives, though, Robyn seemed the most open to this one-home-for-all scenario -- both on screen and then also on social media.

"I fell in love with Kody’s family and their culture before I fell in love with Kody," Robyn Tweeted while this episode aired, adding:

"I LOVED how they lived- in one big house! I wanted to live that way when I first met Kody and his family!"

Nutty Kody Brown

Robyn did criticize the way Kody brought up the plan, most notably the timing of when he told everyone about it, Tweeting on Sunday:

"I have no idea how I feel yet about the one house idea, but I know I don’t want to have everyone freaking out and upset on Christmas."

As you're about to see below, meanwhile, Robyn eventually turned more critical of her husband.

Robyn Brown Selfie

Suffice it to say, she came down on him pretty hard for the financial ramifications of building this large home.

Especially when Kody also had the audacity to say he wanted to buy his own personal cabin of some kind.

Yes, he suggested that ... so he could get away any time he wanted. Kode Man can be a little tone deaf.

Kody Brown in a Promo

In response, Robyn wrote, prior to making it evident that she thinks her spouse is kind of a bit of a drama queen:

"It is one thing for Janelle to bring up a price drop but I can’t handle it from Kody. Not from him. It is too much."

See what we mean here:

Robyn Brown twitter

Where will things go now between Kody and his Sister Wives?

It's hard to tell, but Brown seems to understand that he can't keep all his better halves happy... but he even care about doing so?

It's becoming increasingly clear that the answer is no.

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