Christine Brown: I Will NEVER Live With My Sister Wives!

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Sister Wives villain ... um, husband ... Kody Brown cannot stop pushing for this polygamous palace of his dreams.

Christine Brown is horrified. She says that it's not just about the other wives. She says that living in her own home makes her a better mother, too.

Christine Brown on Her Gram

Christine Brown has been livetweeting Sister Wives, and the Sunday, February 9 episode was no exception.

"Honestly," she confessed on Twitter, "I'm a better mom living separate."

"I love my sister-wives," Christine strongly affirmed.

"And," she expressed, "I want to live next to them for the rest of my life."

christine brown better mom tweet sw

This is not her first tweet about her continuing resistance and objection to Kody's huge plans for the entire family to live under one roof.

"I stress ate SO MUCH after @realkodybrown presented the ‘One House,'" Christine admitted in a previous tweet.

"I loved our living arrangement in Vegas," she noted.

"And," Christine expressed, "I just don’t see why we’d mess with perfection. It. Was. Perfect."

Christine Brown Stops and Smiles

Christine has repeatedly emphasized that this is nothing personal -- that she loves her fellow sister wives.

But she does not want to go back to living under one roof, as they did in Utah before Robyn joined the family.

The Vegas setup, in her view, gave each wife enough autonomy to feel content and in control.

But not everyone feels the same way, and Kody isn't the only one rooting for a monumental mega-house.

Christine Brown and Janelle Brown Share Worries

Janelle, whom some fans see as blindly following Kody's wishes, is also all for it.

She has expressed concerns that she and the other sister wives -- and thus, the entire family -- are no longer as close as they once were.

It is her hope that living under one big roof will make them more tightly knit, as they once were.

Maybe ... or maybe it could be an inescapable fustercluck in a house that no one in the family will ever be able to sell.

Christine Brown with Kody

See, plenty of polyamorous relationships end up under one roof. That's pretty normal.

Maybe two roommates share a third, or maybe six people are all dating each other. That's fine and well.

But when you have four women who are all moms and decidedly not dating each other but share the same man, it can be a problem.

The jealousy is a real problem even in separate homes. Under one roof, the resentments and struggles will only increase.

Christine Brown Looks Happy

Besides, there are regular, day-to-day logistical issues when multiple adults live with each other.

How are the refridgerators stocked? Whose DVR settings take priority? How do you set the thermostat?

These are potential conflicts that can easily be resolved among adults who are committed to getting along and who have a nice rapport.

That's Kody's dream and that's Janelle's dream. But if jealousy rears its ugly head, everything in the household could turn into a fight.

Christine Brown Snapshot

Fans are divided over whether or not Kody will get his way.

Some think that he just won't be able to scrape together the funds and the permits and get the house underway in time.

Others are taken in by the high-res concept art of his dream house and are buying into the dream, too.

Clearly, Christine is not. And even after the many months since Kody pitched the idea, she does not sound prepared to budge.

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