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It’s no secret that Milania Giudice misses her beloved father every single day. Living in exile in Italy, Joe is making it clear that he feels the same.

In fact, he’s showering his daughters with love and apologies — through poetry.

Milania Giudice With Curls and Joe Giudice
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That’s right — Joe Giudice is trying his hand at poetry on Instagram.

"Would you change your mind if I was me?" his caption begins. "If only people truly knew me."

"I wasted time on useless fights," Joe laments in verse.

He writes: "They always wanted it to be about who was stronger or right?"

Joe Giudice and Milania Giudice by the Sea
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"And here I am," Joe’s poetry continues, "left torn away from the only ones that mattered."

"I lost my best friends…." he laments. "I knew all along the right or stronger joe should have walked away- because my happiness was lost."

"Though, I stayed and now I’m all alone," Joe writes.

Notably, his entire poem is beside a somewhat simple slideshow of milestones that he has missed, mostly during his incarceration.

Joe Giudice and Milania Giudice at the Flavian Amphitheater
Photo via Instagram

Joe’s poem continues: "With out my babies to hold."

"I’m sorry girls," he writes.

Joe concludes: "love always, daddy."

As a father of four, the pain of spending the rest of his life separated from them by an ocean is palpable.

Joe Giudice and Milania Giudice and a Fence
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"Ww daddy," Milania writes in the comments.

"I wish [every day] that we could be together," she expresses.

Milania suggests: "I could wake up in the morning and see your face."

"I love you so much," she gushes to her beloved father, "and hopefully one day we can spend every second of every day together."

Joe Giudice and Milania Giudice on Christmas
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"Me too buddy," Joe replies to Milania’s gushing comment.

"I miss you guys," the loving father affirms.

Joe expresses: "I would give anything to wake up to hear you all going nuts in morning before school"

He follows those words with four consecutive heart eyes emojis.

We know that some people are going to crack jokes about Milania’s phrasing, but look:

One: don’t be gross. Come on. Don’t try to make familial love weird.

Two: Milania just turned 15, folks. Different kids grow up at different rates, but the only faces she’s ever woken up to have been family.

It’s a little sickening how a few Instagram comments tried to twist her words. Be better, world.

Joe Giudice and Family
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Joe and Teresa have both acknowledged the devastating impact that Joe’s deportation has inflicted upon their four daughters.

Teresa is an adult. Joe is an adult. They have money and fame. Italy is a very good country. They will survive.

In the mean time,e ach of their daughters is having to cope with an unimaginable loss — with an injustice.

For Milania, coping has meant doubling down on herself — workout out and focusing on school in order to feel a sense of control in this nightmare.

Joe Giudice Selfie
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Joe has been good about public posts about his life and his daughters.

He knows that people are interested in what he’s doing.

He also knows that fans expect public posts about his daughters, not just private conversations.

In order to keep fans up to date, Joe has announced a podcast.

Joe Giudice from Italy
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Will you be tuning in?

Well, we know one person who almost certainly will not be checking out Joe’s broadcast from overseas.

We’re talking, of course, about Teresa.

For Joe’s estranged wife, life has continued very much as it was before the tax fraud scandal that tore her family apart.

Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice Kiss
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She’s back on TV; she’s back with her daughters; and she appears to have re-entered the dating scene.

Yes, Teresa is openly back on the market, and it appears she’s okay with the possibility that Joe might be dating again.

It’s a surprisingly mature stance from a woman who — let’s face it — isn’t exactly known for being the most level-heaed reality star on television.

Teresa Giudice Hold Hands
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If only these two could have been this understanding while they were still married.

Oh, well. Better late than never.

At least they’re are finally doing right by one another.

And putting their kids’ needs above their own.