Milania Giudice Opens Up: I Miss My Dad SO Much!

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It's no secret that the Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Giudice has a special bond with his daughters, even after years of incarceration.

His 15-year-old daughter Milania is growing up faster than anyone can believe, and she's opening up about how much she misses her dad.

Joe Giudice and Milania Giudice on Christmas

Milania has shared a series of photos of her with her father, such as this one, shared on Christmas 2019 when she was visiting him in Italy.

Now she has shared another to her Instagram Stories, and it's as touching as it is heartbreaking to see father and daughter together.

As you can see, she snapped a charming mirror selfie beside her dad.

Milania Giudice IG to Joe Giudice I miss you

"I miss you," she confesses on the photo itself. Awwwww!

We know kids all grow up too fast for their parents, but it really is so stunning how quickly the Giudice girls are growing up.

Height is a huge marker of adolescence. Milania is 15, an age at which many of us met or exceeded our parents in height.

Joe Giudice and Milania Giudice and a Fence

As you can tell from this (throwback) selfie, Milania went from an adolescent to quickly encroaching upon her father's height.

More than that, she is just looking so grown up - exactly what we would expect from a bright-eyed high school student.

She seems to be thriving, and that's a wonderful thing.

Milania Giudice With Curls and Joe Giudice

As we noted, this is far from the first photo that Milania has shown recently that shows her bonding with her dad.

A lot of photos of her with her father were from before his incarceration, and she has really grown up since then.

Below, you can see her almost matching him in height in Rome, outside of the Flavian Amphitheater, or the Coliseum.

Joe Giudice and Milania Giudice at the Flavian Amphitheater

Rome is a beautiful city, but Milania was mostly there for quality time with her dad, now a permanent resident of Italy.

Each of the Giudice girls is processing the horror of their father's deportation in their own way since it happened.

Gia Giudice (below, with Joe) is fortunate enough to have the most memories from before Joe was imprisoned.

Gia and Joe Giudice

Meanwhile, young Audriana has the fewest memories, and has broken down in tears trying to recall Joe's role in family events.

Milania and Gabriella are middle children, so they have a foot in each world, so to speak, during these trying times.

According to Teresa, you might expect it, but Joe's deportation in some ways had a positive effect on Milania.

Joe Giudice and Milania Giudice by the Sea

Milania began working out and focusing more on school, where Teresa said that she had previously been acting out.

Children have fewer coping mechanisms, which is why stress influences behavior even more than we see in adults.

She needed patience, and she got it.

Milania Giudice

When life is totally outside of your control, sometimes you do what you can with the things that you can control.

It's a good lesson and Teresa - for all her faults - has done a terrific job shepherding her kids through all of this.

As a result, Milania's grades are totally on track.

Out with His Daughters

In December, Joe warmly welcomed all four of his daughters to Italy as they arrived at the airport for a holiday visit.

"Hi, girls. Welcome to Italy again," he gushed at the time, in what must've been the definition of a bittersweet day.

"I love you. They are so cute. Love you."

Joe Giudice and Family

We hope that they enjoyed their visit, especially because it will be their last chance to see him for a few months.

Meanwhile, Teresa had to go even longer without seeing her (separated) husband, as she did not make the trip.

She filmed the reality show that pays the bills during the time that the girls were visiting Joe in the Old Country.

As she and other family have stated, they are adults and will survive this - as gut-wrenching as it's been in recent years.

But this is tearing their four daughters up, and it'll take every ounce of effort from both parents to get them through it.

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