Teresa and Joe Giudice Shower Milania With Bittersweet Birthday Praise

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Milania Giudice's birthday was bittersweet this week, on account of how much she misses her dad.

But both of her parents posted incredibly moving tributes to her on social media as she celebrated turning 14.

Milania Giudice

Miliana Giudice is Teresa and Joe's third daughter of four.

On Sunday, February 2, Milania turned 14.

She was just a toddler when The Real Housewives of New Jersey began. Fans can hardly believe how much she has grown.

Both Teresa and Joe posted heartwarming public tributes to their daughter on her special day.

Milania Giudice With Curls and Joe Giudice

"To my beautiful girl," Joe Giudice's heartwarming Instagram tribute begins.

"You got me running in circles writing this today," he admits.

Joe confesses that he feels "so many emotions coming out"

"I want you know I love you buddy," he writes, "and happy birthday!"

Joe Giudice and Milania Giudice on Christmas

"You have brought such joy and happiness into our lives," Joe gushes to his now-14-year-old daughter.

He affirms: "The smiles, laughter, and memories have been some of the best moments of my life!"

"You have your own sense of humor that lights up every room you walk into," Joe praises.

"And," he adds, Milania has "the kindest heart of anyone I have ever met."

Joe Giudice and Milania Giudice at the Flavian Amphitheater

"I WILL ALWAYS BE THERE PARTNER!" Joe writes in all caps.

That line is particularly bittersweet. He may be there for her emotionally, but as we are all aware, he cannot physically be in New Jersey.

He vows to her: "You will always be my princess of my heart."

"Love you buddy!" Joe concludes his post.

Teresa Giudice and Daughters in the Bahamas

Teresa Giudice also posted a precious, if less lengthy, tribute to Milania.

"You are most loving, sweetest girl!" Teresa praises.

She acknowledges: "I’m so lucky to have the pleasure to watch you grow into a beautiful, thoughtful, smart young woman!"

Teresa truly is lucky -- because Joe does not get to watch that firsthand.

Milania Giudice Music Video Pic

"You are always so caring," Teresa gushes about Milania, "and you are always HILARIOUS!"

"You keep us all on our toes," she writes, "and I hope this is the best year yet!"

"Happy Birthday," Teresa concludes. "I love you so much beautiful."

That is very sweet! And we're sure that Milania heard a lot more than that in person.

Audriana Giudice, Gia Giudice, and Milania Giudice

Teresa has spoken at length about the impact that Joe's harrowing deportation has had upon her family.

She and Joe are both adults. They're also affluent. Joe was deported to Italy, not to a war zone like so many others.

They will survive.

But their daughters are young and don't have adult coping strategies yet. It's impacting them each in their own way.

Joe Giudice and Milania Giudice and a Fence

In Milania's case, the devastating loss of her father's presence has had one surprisingly positive impact.

At first she was, according to Teresa, acting out and letting her grades slip -- an understandable stress response to a fractured family.

But more recently, Milania has been putting more effort into her grades and also has begun working out and prioritizing her health.

When you can't control major aspects of your life, sometimes people focus on what they can control -- and Milania has really turned things around.

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