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There was good news and bad news for Peter Weber the first part of The Bachelorette finale, which aired on Monday night.

First, the bad news:

He will not marry Hannah Brown.

Photo via ABC

During an emotional rose ceremony, the Alabama native chose to keep Tyler and Jed around as potential husbands, shedding many tears while she sent Peter packing.

After a long farewell, a grief-stricken Peter said in the limousine on his way home that he "did not see this coming," but that as much as it "hurts," he wasn’t mad at Hannah.

"I’ll never forget this journey, how beautiful it was in so many ways," he told the camera, adding:

"I fell in love with her, and I swear I don’t regret anything. I know I have a ton of love to give, and I thought it would be Hannah."

On the plus side, Peter can maybe go back to his girlfriend now!

Peter Weber Pic

We did say there was good news for Peter, however, and it was this:

He and Brown came face-to-face during a live segment of the finale, sitting down opposite Chris Harrison and talking openly about… well… the last time they came with each other.

If you know what we mean.

"From my perspective, having the best time ever… then getting to the fantasy suite and waking up that next morning, for me, these last two months, I’ve been trying to pinpoint what it was that was the turning point for you," Peter said to Hannah during this portion of the show, adding:

"Or the point where you realized it wasn’t us."

Replied The Bachelorette:

"There wasn’t anything wrong and I know that’s probably hard to hear, because I wish I could give you a concrete answer… I woke up that morning [of the rose ceremony], and I had to follow my heart."

Hannah Brown and Peter

And then she at least let the world know that Peter can really bring it, erection style:

"I was a little dishonest about something," Hannah began her confession. "Since it’s out there… I did say there is something Peter and I did twice, it was actually four times."

She’s referring, of course, to the revelation that she and Peter had sex in a windmill.

"The truth is out. I can’t believe you said that. Oh, my god," responded Peter, while Harrison then dropped the line of the night:

"Somewhere, Luke P.’s head just exploded."

The finale then returned to Crete, as Hannah was joined by her father Robert, mother Susanne, and other relatives.

Yup: it was time for Jed and Tyler to be grilled by the family.

First up was Tyler, who came across to Hannah’s folks as being open, honest and truly in love with their daughter.

They were especially impressed with the way Tyler handled himself in the Fantasy Suite, agreeing to spend the evening with clothes mostly on, focusing on the spiritual aspect of their relationship, rather than the physical part.

The very handsome finalist earned an enthusiastic thumbs-up from both Robert and Suzanne.

Afterward, Hannah told Tyler she was falling in love with him.

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After an intimate conversation following some horseback riding — during which Tyler laid out his idea of what a future with Hannah would look like — she invited him up to her room.

They probably got it on there.

As for Jed?

Hannah’s parents thought he was a nice enough guy … but they were worried about how the struggling Nashville singer/songwriter would be able to juggle a marriage and a music career.

"It seemed like they were mainly concerned with the financial aspect of our relationship," Jed said of this unexpected reaction. "They don’t think I’m adequate, or something."

(Maybe because you, too, have a girlfriend, Jed.)

Hannah and Jed Together

Hannah’s mom and dad then made their preference for Tyler very clear, just before their daughter got sick during a choppy boat ride with Jed.

The pain continued from there.

Hannah and Jedd spent the second half of their date engaged in a somber conversation devoted to convincing one another of their feelings for each other, despite the objections of Hannah’s parents.

Does this mean they aren’t meant for each other?

Or are those The Bachelorette spoilers accurate and ABC is just trying make viewers think otherwise?

Photo via ABC

The answer will be revealed on Tuesday night!

Until Hannah makes her selection, however, it’s time for you to make yours: