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Kailyn Lowry is expecting her fourth child – another boy. (She has already resolved that her fifth baby will be a girl.)

Now, she’s opening up about how her anxiety has been skyrocketing during this pregnancy. Why?

Kailyn Lowry on the Air

"Things have been so different this time around," Kailyn Lowry reflects in a recent Instagram post.

In the photo, she sits on a bed while showing off her ultrasounds from this, her fourth pregnancy.

She observes: "It’s weird knowing the sex of this baby & trying to solidify a name."

Kailyn explains that she wants to figure out a name now "so he doesn’t go nameless like Lux did."

Kailyn then shares her emotional state with fans and followers, expressing: "my anxiety is through the roof."

"I’m scared of doing anything wrong," she admits.

Kailyn Lowry Photographs Sons Isaac, Lincoln, and Lux.

Just because you’ve had three children doesn’t mean that you’re not nervous about your fourth child, after all.

Kailyn then asks her million-plus followers:

"What is your experience with pregnancy?"

If you’ll allow us a moment of cynicism, that last line seems like a question designed to drive Instagram engagement.

Kailyn Lowry Pregnancy Announcement

The rest, however, seems very genuine.

Lux did famously go nameless – referred to as Baby Lo – for weeks and weeks after being born. It was super weird.

Kailyn was waiting for Chris Lopez to actually care enough and get involved. May as well wait for the sun to go dark.

Kailyn Lowry Selfie Alert

In any case, picking a name for your child is a tall order. Most of them will resign themselves to being stuck with it forever.

Lux is actually a great name, and Lincoln and Isaac aren’t bad, so we’re intrigued to see what Kail comes up with for #4.

As for her anxiety, that is a normal part of the human experience. How we manage and mitigate it varies widely, of course.

Kailyn Lowry Podcast Pic

If you tend to do a lot of planning for every eventuality and expect things to go wrong, you probably experience more of it than usual.

If you have an anxiety disorder, then essentially your brain malfunctions in ways that can be debilitating.

In Kailyn’s case, a likely factor is her pregnancy itself.

Kailyn Lowry on the Air

Pregnancy hormones can throw the body out of whack and worsen anxiety.

Of course, Kail may be having added anxiety because of factors in her life.

This is her first time having a second child with the same baby daddy, and unfortunately that baby daddy is … not great.

Even if one ignores or doesn’t believe the claims that Chris Lopez was abusive to Kailyn, he’s just not a good dude.

Chris Lopez Burns Kailyn's Book

It took ages for him to get involved, at all, in Lux’s life. And remember that time that he burned Kail’s book out of spite? 

We remember.

So yes, Kailyn now has not one but two permanent ties to Chris, while her fans wish that she wouldn’t even associate with him.

Lowry, Kai

On top of that, having kids is a lot of work – and having four children is tremendously expensive.

Kail is a millionaire, but we all know that reality TV franchises can collapse over time.

What will she do in a year or five years or ten years when Teen Mom goes off of the air and book sales dry up?

Kailyn Lowry Has 3 Kids

Kail can’t do anything to guarantee that she’ll still be rich in a decade, but there is a lot of smart money management she can do.

In the mean time, there is one thing that she can do to help secure a better future for Lux – and it’ll be good practice for baby #4!

She could get Lux vaccinated and resolve to do the same for this child.

Preventable diseases are bad.

So is being excluded from activities and entire schools because your mom believed fake science from the Internet.