Kailyn Lowry: Chris Lopez is the Frickin' Worst, But I Have Only Myself to Blame

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Kailyn Lowry hasn't exactly been having a great time lately.

Sure, we imagine she's excited that she's pregnant with her fourth child and about to add another member to family, but at the same time, there are really just piles and piles of drama with Chris Lopez.

Like, just an insane amount of drama.

It's not about to go away anytime soon - she's stuck with him, after all, as she notes - but sometimes, a good rant can release some tension, and that's exactly what Kailyn just did on Twitter.

And she did NOT hold back. At all.

How does she feel about Chris?

Let's get into it, shall we ...

1. The Current Situation

The Current Situation
So as we all know by now, Kailyn is currently pregnant with her fourth child.

2. So Many Boys!

So Many Boys!
She has Isaac, who she shares with Jo Rivera, Lincoln, who she shares with Javi Marroquin, and Lux, who she (sometimes) shares with Chris Lopez. This new baby was also fathered by Chris.

3. Hmmm

And a lot of people thought it was a questionable choice for her to have another kid with Chris, after what happened the first time.

4. Memories

You remember -- he wasn't around at all when she was pregnant with Lux, and although he showed up when she gave birth, he split shortly after.

5. Oh No

Oh No
She's also said that there was some abuse going on during that time -- that he broke a window in her bedroom when she was there with the baby, and that he broke in her back door when all the kids were home.

6. Why Though?

Why Though?
Despite all that, they did get back together sometime around Lux's first birthday for a bit, but of course that didn't last.

7. Mysteries

It's sort of hard to figure out when they were together and when they weren't, or when they were just hooking up, but it's always been clear that Kailyn has had particularly strong feelings for Chris, even when she shouldn't.

8. Baby Number Two

Baby Number Two
That's how she wound up pregnant with his child for the second time.

9. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
Unfortunately, things were particularly bad around the time she conceived -- that same month, Chris was arrested twice and Kail obtained a domestic violence protective order against him.

10. Wow

And just last month, he got arrested for violating that order. We don't know too many details about what happened, but just from what we do know, it sounds like a pretty awful situation, right?

11. Aww

And don't worry -- she's well aware of just how awful things are.

12. Rant Ahead!

Rant Ahead!
We know that because she got on Twitter to address it all.

13. Umm ...

Umm ...
It all started because Chris posted this photo of himself on Instagram in which it appears that he went and got a tattoo of Lux's name on his forehead.

14. Is It Real?!

Is It Real?!
Some people say it doesn't look real, but either way, this is the issue we're talking about today.

15. Let Him Have It!

Let Him Have It!
In response to the photo, Kail tweeted "Imagine not doing sh-t for your child & getting their name tattooed on your face in 2020."

16. Not Holding Back

Not Holding Back
"Listen," she continued. "If one of my baby dads had my child & I couldn’t see him for whatever reason. I’m still sending clothes, diapers, wipes, cards. Whatever."

17. It's All Coming Out

It's All Coming Out
Someone added that you could "Even just open a saving account and put money in there for said child every month!", but in Kailyn's case, she said "He would spend it."

18. Making Choices

Making Choices
"And y’all hatters or whatever you call yourselves are right," she continued. "This was my fault bc I had a child w this man. So congrats."

19. Still Getting Slammed

Still Getting Slammed
Some people supported her for owning up to her choices, but one person told her "Yes it is your fault. You put yourself in these situations. So thank you for finally admitting it!"

20. Oh Man

Oh Man
Kailyn argued "I’ve always known. I never needed anyone to point it out."

21. More Criticism

More Criticism
Another follower said "This isn’t just some mistake. She continues to bring children into broken homes. It’s really not ok and just something to learn from."

22. Fair Enough

Fair Enough
About the "broken homes" comment, Kail replied "Jo and I were together. Javi and I were married. I just said I take accountability for the 3rd. Thanks."

23. Fingers Crossed

Fingers Crossed
We don't want to get our hopes up, but it seems like she's finally starting to realize just how bad Chris was for her right?

24. Hope Not

Hope Not
That's not saying she's permanently done with him -- statistically, abusive relationships go through cycles like this, and it wouldn't be unheard of for her to give him another chance.

25. Looking on the Bright Side

Looking on the Bright Side
But calling out his behavior like this and admitting her own faults is definitely a step in the right direction, right?

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