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Folks, we may have been duped.

For the past several months, we’ve been hearing from one source after another that June Shannon is broke… and desperate… and has totally left her kids behind for her awful boyfriend, Geno Doak.

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She’s homeless.

She’s trashing hotel rooms.

She hasn’t spoken to her kids in ages.

We’ve read it all and we’re sure you have, too.

But WE tv has released the first trailer for new episodes of this family’s reality TV show, From Not to Hot, and we’re starting to think this entire feud has been a complete fraud.

Geno Doak with June
Photo via TLC

For starters, there’s actually going to be a new season of From Not to Hot, following a number of rumors that stated otherwise due to Shannon’s arrest for cocaine possession last March.

Second, this new season — as emphasized by the preview below — is going to literally be subtitled "Family Crisis" and is going to play up June’s whereabouts as a major storyline.

In the following video, we see young Alana Thompson eating cereal… while a milk carton with Mama June’s “Missing” photo is sitting on the table next to her.

Then, suddenly, a door opens off-camera as a voiceover teases:

“What’s it going to be like when Mama finally comes home?”

Sure doesn’t look or sound like a family actually at odds, does it?

Back on January 23, June shared her first optimistic update on Instagram since her arrest.

In garbled fashion, the polarizing cable network personality wrote of her kids and her situation in general:

"Well decided to get back at it im not saying im.perfect as everyday is a strugglr n some days i just want to disappear n even though me n kids arent still seeing each other n its veen very hard on all of us but i hope one day that will cgange as i want them to know i miss n love them very much."

About 10 months earlier, Shannon and Doak were arrested on suspicion of possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.

A spokesperson for the Macon County District Attorney’s Office said at the time that the couple allegedly had crack cocaine and a crack pipe on them, adding that the substance was undergoing testing.

In a message aired on the Mama June: From Not to Hot season finale in May, Mama June claimed “that all the drugs and paraphernalia belong to her.”

In September, Mama June and Doak appeared in court and were each charged with possession of a controlled substance, which is a felony, and drug paraphernalia, a misdemeanor charge.

June Shannon Mugshot
Photo via Alabama PD

Even before this arrest, though, June’s relationship with her kids was on the extreme edge.

Alana Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon staged an intervention and convinced her to enter an in-patient treatment facility on an episode of From Not to Hot, but June checked out after 12 hours.

According to numerous outlets, she spent the rest of the yearr traveling around Alabama with Doak, living in hotel rooms, gambling in casinos and pawning all of her possessions.

It seemed like a very pathetic existence.

June Shannon Chats
Photo via WETV

But now we can’t help but wonder if everything has been staged as a way to stir up drama and garner attention for a new season of this WE tv series.

They always say not to ever believe what you see on reality television.

However, perhaps we also need to not believe what we see off reality television as well, any time it involved cast members on a program such as this.