June Shannon: Officially Homeless, Done With Reality TV For Good?

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It's been a wild ride for the woman who was once affectionately known as Mama June.

These days, Alana Thompson's mother is known simply as June Shannon, and with the help of her widely-reviled boyfriend, Geno Doak, she's essentially setting fire to what remains of her career and family life.

June Shannon Looks Odd

Shannon is struggling with addiction -- although that might not be the most appropriate phrase, as it seems that she and Geno not so much struggling against their worst impulses as giving into them with reckless abandon.

In March, June and Geno were arrested for possession of crack cocaine, and it's been all downhill ever since.

Over the summer Shannon sold just about everything she owns -- including her house, at a deeply discounted price -- in order to appease Geno (read: buy more crack).

In the months since, the couple has drifted deeper into the margins of society.

Geno Doak with June

On Thanksgiving, a lonely and disheveled Mama June was spotted at a North Carolina hotel withdrawing what was widely assumed to be drug money from an ATM.

Over the weekend, June and Geno resurfaced again, this time checking out of the Hyatt Place Atlanta Airport-South in College Park, Georgia.

It appears that the couple is living a nomadic existence these days, living out of there SUV without a specific town or city to serve as their primary base of operations.

While June may have been more or less homeless since selling her house back in August, for most of that time, she at least stuck close to the town in which her daughters live.

Geno Doak with Mama

Clearly, that's no longer the case.

Speaking of June's daughters, Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon took to Instagram this week and hinted and hinted that her family's time in the reality TV spotlight may have come to an end.

“It’s been fun, crazy, and a emotional ride but that’s a wrap for now,” she wrote.

When a fan asked if the end of the current season meant the end of her television career, Lauryn wrote, “Only time will tell.” 

The Shannon-Thompson clan got its start on TLC back in 2012, with the surprise hit Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

Pumpkin Shannon Explains Her Mom's Madness

Of course, in those days, the hardest substance anyone in the family was abusing -- as far as we knew -- was Mountain Dew.

WeTV's Mama June: From Not to Hot was another surprise success for Alana and company, but it was also a much darker series that focused on June's descent into addiction and the deterioration of the family.

Perhaps the network is distancing itself from the Shannons for legal reasons, or perhaps the younger generation has decided not to continue documenting this sad chapter in their lives for the entertainment of TV audiences.

Either way, it may be quite some time before Mama June's clan makes its way back to television.

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