Mama June Trashes Hotel Room, Leaves Behind a Bloody Mess

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According to a troubling new report, June Shannon and her very awful booyfriend, Geno Doak, got into such a vicious argument a couple months ago that they left completely destroyed and vandalized the hotel room in which they had been staying.

Geno Doak with June

The veteran reality star, as you may know by now, has basically ditched her kids and all her family members in order to hop around from one Alabama hotel to another.

Yes, she's essentially homeless at this point.

And she's allegedly hooked on drugs as well.

Sadly, none of this is news. We've written about the tragic ongoing developments and decisions made by Shannon on multiple occasions over the back half of 2019.

June Shannon Looks Odd

However, the following allegation is both new and very disturbing.

TMZ quotes an insider with "direct knowledge" of an incident that took place at some point this fall.

The realiable celebrity gossip website reports that June and Geno had been shacking up temporarily at a FairBridge Inn & Suites in southern Georgia when they got into some sort of heated exchange.

This wasn't just some harmless verbal exchange, either.

June Kises Geno

The police were called to the premises in response to reports of a disturbance, although no official report was filed and no arrests made.

Based on the photos obtained by TMZ and published online, though, the effed-up couple's hotel room was totally wrecked after they left:

There was a broken TV and a broken lamp, along with garbage strewn about ... and even a shattered mirror with what appeared to be a bloody handprint on it.

Like we said abve: YIKES.

June Shannon Chats

These same sources say, all in all, Shannon and Doak were responsible for about $1,000 in damages.

It's unclear just how they paid the hotel back for this damage... or whether the establishment followed up on anything to pressure the pair to do so or what.

Like so much surrounding Shannon and Doak these days, it sort of remains a mystery.

All we can really say for certain is that June has abandoned her desperate children and dedicated her entire life to a relationship that has thus far produced allegations of drug use and abuse.

June Shannon Knows Her Worth

Indeed, if you'll recall, Shannon was arrested back in March for possession of narcotics... crack cocaine, to be exact.

At the same time, Doak was arrested for domestic violence after onlookers near a gas station parking lot observed the couple in yet another giant fight.

The very next day, however, June and Geno were spotted at a casino together, proving yet again that there's tragiclly no end in sight for this romance, even if it means the end fo June's relationship with her daughters.

Very sad stuff all around.

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