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As we reminded you many times over the course of the past 12 months, 2019 was the year of the Duggar baby boom.

Jim Bob and Michelle gained five new grandchildren last year, and we’re sure they couldn’t be happier about it.

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But in 2020, it seems production at the Duggar baby factory has slowed considerably.

Believe it or not, there are no pregnant Duggars at the moment.

At least not that we know of …

The baby bump rumor mill never stops churning, and the folks who populate the Duggar-obsessed corners of Reddit have some theories about which Duggar daughter is next to deliver.

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This time, it’s Joy-Anna Duggar’s turn to have her midsection scrutinized.

Fans on the Duggar subreddit are convinced that Joy is expecting.

Not only that, they believe she has a very specific reason for keeping her pregnancy under wraps.

You’d have to go all the way back to the day after Christmas to find a photo in which Joy’s entire body can be seen, and for many of her followers, that’s reason enough to believe she’s expecting.

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As for why she would keep the pregnancy to herself … well, that photo right there, posted by Joy on February 1 might provide some indication.

"I’ve always said ‘My little girl is in the arms of Jesus’, but this visual always makes me tear up!" Joy captioned the pic.

"Such a good reminder. Thankful for this sweet gift!"

Yes, Joy-Anna suffered a miscarriage in July of last year when she was around the 5-month mark of her pregnancy.

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Now, fans believe she’s waiting to announce her third pregnancy until she’s well past that point.

“I think Joy is pregnant, but won’t announce until she’s past the point when Annabelle died,” one user wrote Reddit.

Another echoed that sentiment and speculated that Joy won’t announce “until she’s twenty weeks.”

Some pointed to the cropping on the photo below — posted by Joy on January 20 — as evidence that the 22-year-old is concealing a bump.

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"You are my happy place!" the pic is captioned.

Of course, since Joy and Austin have a joint account, it’s a little unclear who is talking to whom.

Others are less convinced that Joy and Austin are pregnant, and several fans suggested that the couple is “probably actively trying."

Whatever the case, don’t be surprised to hear a big announcement from the Forsyths in the very near future.