Jed Wyatt Trashes Chris Harrison: He's an Insensitive Jerk!

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Jed Wyatt has dared to go there, folks.

The disgraced former The Bachelorette winner has dared to attack the man who keeps the wheels turning and the emotions running high each and every week on this franchise,

He has dared to insult Chris Harrison.


Speaking to Us Weekly this past Saturday, Wyatt was asked about his potential participation on The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart, the seemingly ridiculous spinoff that will debut this April on ABC and somehow meld the world of music with the journey for love.

Wyatt, as you may recall from his time courting Hannah Brown, is an aspiring country singer.

Therefore, one would imagine he'd be a natural fit for this random upcoming reality show, right?

Perhaps, but... Wyatt explained to the aforementioned tabloid why he won't be competing on it.

Staring at Jed

“I think the new show’s a great idea and concept but I wouldn’t have gone on [The Bachelorette] in the first place if I had a girlfriend and I’m not going to go now because I actually do have a girlfriend,” Wyatt said.

“I’m in love. I would never compromise that."

Wyatt, of course, was accused of having a girlfriend -- or at least a side piece -- during his run toward the title on The Bachelorette in 2019.

Just a few days after he proposed to Brown, and she accepted, Hannah learned about this other woman and Jed's dishonesty about her and sent him packing.

In pretty much every interview since, Wyatt has come across like a pretty huge jerk face.

Jed Wyatt Photo

Last month, however, Harrison explained why he thought Wyatt would be a perfect match for this Bachelor spinoff.

“I think he needs a chance to maybe redeem himself, musically and emotionally. I think he bombed on both,” Harrison told Us Weekly at the time. “It was a tragic ending to his story on so many levels.”

Tragic feels like an exaggeration in this context, but we'll allow it.

Wyatt, though, has now fired back at Harrison for painting him with such a negative brush.

Jed Wyatt Picture

“I’m honestly shocked that Chris has any sympathy at all for me redeeming myself in any sense because he came backstage before I went on the finale and tried to talk me up and build me up and give me confidence,” the Nashville native said on February.

He continued as follows:

“Then he went out to, kind of, tear me down so, for one, I’m shocked to hear that he has any sympathy for me.

"That just really kind of blows me away -- that he cares at all. I mean judging Chris by who he is, all he cares about is the show. That’s who pays him.”

Chris and Hannah

This is, of course, true.

Harrison is first and foremost an ABC employee and of course is loyal to his bosses and wants to keep his job.

He's been so successful at it, however, because he's always at least giving off the impression that he also cares about the contestants and the show's lead on a weekly basis.

Wyatt is saying here that Harrison is just phony and a fake and company man.

Chris Harrison on ABC

Jed is also saying some nice things about new girlfriend Ellen Decker.

“She has brought a whole new level of inspiration into my life. I’ve just never met anyone like her," Wyatt says of the model.

"It just kind of opened the door for a lot of new feelings and emotions in my music that’ll come out in the future."

Will that future include any more television appearances?

“I’m very happy in my relationship, and I’m not looking to do another TV show at all," he concluded.

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