Shakira vs. J-Lo: Who Won the Super Bowl Halftime Show?

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Well, Super Bowl LIV is in the books, and the Lombardi Trophy is headed to Kansas City for the first time in 50 years.

Er ... that's Kansas City, Missouri, Mr. President. Not Kansas.

Patrick Mahomes Picture

As far as Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid, and the loyal denizens of the Chiefs Kingdom are concerned, the matter has been decided, and the better team came out on top.

But the big game wasn't the only contest that took place at Hard Rock Stadium Sunday night.

When the players cleared the field after the second quarter, two entertainment icons took the field for a halftime show that many are calling the best of the 21st century.

Some maintain that Beyonce's performance at Super Bowl 50 still holds the top spot, but the fact remains that Jennifer Lopez and Shakira delivered the goods in a major way.

JLo and Shakira

Of course, the first Sunday in February is all about competition, so our analysis of the halftime spectacular wouldn't be complete unless we discussed a matter that's been tearing Twitter apart for the past 16 hours.

We're talking, of course, about the debate over who put in the superior twerk work.

It's important to note that there was a lot going during last night's halftime performance -- consummate artistry, jaw-dropping pageantry, and subtle, yet profound, statements about the immigrant experience in America.

But perhaps it's not surprising that when you take a 100 million Americans, load them up on Bud Light, nachos, and testosterone, and present them with such a spectacle, it's an image like this that rises to the top of the Google heap the next morning:

Shakira, J-Lo Twerking GIF

Yes, the night's most booty-ful moment is garnering a lot of discussion today.

And, of course, it's inspired more than a few crude polls about who came out on top in "The Super Bowl Ass Off."

With nearly 30,000 votes tallied, Shakira is currently enjoying a wide margin of victory (86 percent) in Barstool Sports' Twitter survey.

To be fair, however, much of the pro-Shakira sentiment seems to have more to do with this moment than with the iconic twerk battle:

Shakira Tongue GIF

No matter what happens in today's Iowa Caucuses, it can never compete with the drama of Shakira gaining an unfair upper hand over J-Lo by offering America a surprise tongue-lashing!

In the end, of course, the question of who "won" the night is inherently absurd.

Both of these women are living legends and they proved it again last night.

Shakira played guitar and drums; J-Lo shared the stage with her daughter; and both women helped sneak imagery reminiscent of children in cages at the Mexican border right past network censors and straight into 100 million American households.

And, of course, they blessed us with what might be remembered as the all-time greatest Super halftime GIF.

Anyway, it beats the hell out of that Left Shark nonsense from a few years back.

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