Teresa Giudice to Joe: You Cheated! I Found the Evidence!

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Teresa Giudice finally said the quiet part out loud on Wednesday's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

She absolutely, positively, without any hint of any doubt thinks Joe Giudice cheated on her during their marriage.

And she said she has proof.

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While the women and their husbands were in the Jersey Shore for a wild weekend getaway, Teresa began opening up about her crumbling relationship.

At the time this installment was filmed, Joe remained in ICE custody following his 41-month prison sentence...

... and the parents of four were unsure about the future of their marriage.

Teresa Giudice on an Episode

In discussing prenuptial agreements, Teresa vented about a phone call Bravo cameras captured earlier this season.

During this call, as you might remember:

Joe fumed that he had her sign the prenup one week before their wedding because he "didn't want to get married."

Teresa Giudice and Hubby

"I have a lot of resentment," Teresa told the group, battling tears and explaining why as follows:

"I felt like I didn't deserve that 'cause I was like the perfect, perfect f-cking wife!" 

Dolores Catania's ex-husband-turned-BFF, Frank, called Joe "an ass" for those prenup and marriage comments.

Teresa Giudice: A Close-Up

Frank then frankly (sorry) asked Teresa if she believed Joe was as good a spouse to her as she was to him.

"No, because there was rumors out there," Teresa replied, prompting Margaret Josephs' husband, Joe Benigno, to ask:

"You think he ever fooled around behind your back?"

stunned face

It's almost like this was scripted, you know? Considering the order of the questions and the perfect way it set Teresa up?

"Listen," Teresa responded, "he had a separate cell phone with one girl."

Everyone was stunned by this revelation. Everyone remains quiet for awhile, until Jennifer Aydin asked:

"You know that for a fact?"

Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice Kiss

"I found it!" Teresa yelled, actually going on to identify her husband's mistress:

"It was his ex-girlfriend's sister. He said she was going through her divorce."

"He was helping her, trying to sell her house."

This wasn't a new instance of disloyalty, either.

Teresa Giudice at iHeartRadio's Z100 Jingle Ball

Teresa alleged that Joe stepping out on her took place YEARS ago.

"Like, I quit my job. Gia was 3. And I was like, 'What am I gonna do?' I should've left then, right?"

"I didn't because he denied it to me. I believed him," she told her co-stars.

Teresa Giudice and Joe on Bravo

Jennifer said she understood that Teresa wanted to believe him, prompting Joe Gorga to ask his sister directly:

"Today, do you believe he cheated on you?"

"Yeah, now I do!" she shot back.

Teresa and Joe tip-toed around the topic of divorce for several months last year, finally agreeing to separate in December.

Teresa Giudice Slams Joe

Neither half of this ex-couple has said much about the split, although Teresa is now cool with Joe banging any woman he wants in Italy.

Naturally, though, she had a very different take on Joe, his penis and his commitment to her back when they were actively husband and wife.

"Listen, I don't think it's news to anybody's ears that Joe was cheating on Teresa," Melissa Gorga said in a confessional.

Teresa Giudice on Bravo Couch

At that point, Bravo cut to a pair of incriminating clips from over the years:

  1. When Joe referred to Teresa as his "bitch wife" and a "c--t" while he was making a mysterious phone call in Napa Valley in 2013.
  2. In 2015, when Jacqueline Laurita told Teresa at a reunion taping, "Honey, you walked in on your husband when he had someone on the desk in his office! You told me that!"

For whatever it's worth, Joe denied infidelity in both instances.

Joe Giudice with a Selfie

The news in this case, as Melissa noted, is that Teresa finally acknowledged Joe's cheating out loud.

"It took a long time, and it still is really hard for me to admit, but I owe it to myself to open my eyes to it," Teresa later said in her own confessional.

This episode, remember, was filmed many months ago.

Teresa and Joe have since split and will likely divorce and Teresa got a boob job and is ready to move on.

But we still wonder:

Will Joe respond to these allegations? Will we ever see the second cell phone or the proof Teresa allegedly discovered?

And was Teresa truly as loyal and obedient to her husband as she painted herself to be during this episode?

Call us paranoid, but we won't exactly fall out of our seats in shock if we learn Teresa was sleeping around as well.

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