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While Jana Duggar has worn pants before, her outfits still must confirm to Jim Bob’s sexist rules. After all, she is not yet married.

But when Jana went to Las Vegas, her outfit was so strange that it has Duggar fans scratching their heads. WTF are we seeing?

Photo via Instagram

"Last day of the Las Vegas Home and Gift Market!" Jana captioned a photo of herself.

She raved: "Such a pleasure seeing gorgeous product designs by artisans from around the world!"

"I still have a lot to learn," Jana cknowledged, "but I am so blessed to have met and learned from so many designers … this week!"

But the accompanying photo has sent fans into a confused frenzy. What exactly is she wearing?

Jana Duggar in Vegas

It appears that Jana is wearing a jacket, a skirt so short that Jim Bob would never allow it to be worn alone, and then leggings.

The earth toned garment that she is wearing is fairly formless, but doesn’t go down far enough to cover her entire upper legs.

It seems that the thick, shapeless skirt is there to make sure that no one could conceivably see the silhouette of her sinful girl-hips.

But the resulting outfit looks so deeply bizarre that fans are scratching their heads.

Jana Duggar Dress
Photo via Instagram

Social media became abuzz with speculation about why Jana had bothered to wear the leggings at all if she had to wear the dumpy skirt.

One commter said that leggings under skirts had become a norm in the aftermath of Josh molesting his sisters.

More likely, Jana was looking for a comfortable outfit, even if we now see the precise outline of (gasp) her knees.

This way, her hips — which, in Jim Bob’s whacky world, would be used to "defraid" men — are effectively censored from view.

Jana Duggar on the Beach
Photo via Instagram

Remember, according to the worldview of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and the cult to which they belong, being attractive is "defrauding."

As Michelle has explained it, being attractive and showing part of your human body — if you are a woman — is the same as making a promise.

Since it’s a promise that you cannot keep to a guy who might see you, because you are not married, by showing a shoulder or bellybutton, this is "fraud."

It’s absurd. In fact, it might actually be funny if people like Michelle weren’t allowed to raise children. Unfortunately, they are.

Photo via Instagram

In the Duggar household, two wrongs make a right.

You know, like when Jim Bob decided to follow her brother Josh’s molestation of his little sisters with a cover-up.

On a much less serious subject, both Jana’s skirt and her leggings would be off-limits separately. Together, we guess that Jim Bob approves.

But that doesn’t make the results look any less weird to her many online fans.

Jana Duggar Sips Coffee
Photo via Instagram

Jana turned 30 years old just a few weeks ago. In real life, that’s a very normal age at which to be unmarried.

But in the Duggar cult, this makes he practically an old maid — which is more or less how she is treated at home.

Some wonder if Jana has devoted herself to watching her youngest siblings to protect them from her family’s infamous abuse.

Others wonder if she remains chaste because her family’s extreme beliefs make her unable to live as her authentic self.

Whatever the truth of the matter, it’s clear that Jana’s sticking to Jim Bob’s awful rules, even if it means looking like a fashion don’t.