Kody Brown Dragged By Robyn, Christine: Sister Wives Unite Against This Crap!

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They say that misery loves company.

For the Sister Wives, however, perhaps this expression ought to be tweaked a little bit to read as follows:

Miserable spouses of Kody Brown love to come together against that selfish, sexist pig.

these browns

In the wake of Janelle Brown recently admitting that her and her fellow Sister Wives aren't very close, Robyn Brown has come out and offered up some heartfelt praise for Christine Brown.

And she's seemingly done so in defiance of that jerk, Kody.

Robyn commended Christine while live-tweeting this past Sunday's episode of the popular TLC series.

Robyn Brown on an Episode

She did so acknowledging Christine's courage as Kody and his Sister Wives grappled with the decision to either live in one house together - or have the women each live in their own homes.

“I don’t think it was fair that so much pressure was put on Christine for how she feels about one home,” Robyn wrote online at the time, adding of her co-star:

“She is being very honest and brave.”


Nice of Robyn to step up and to issue such a public proclamation, right?

After all, Kody has spent most of every Sister Wives episode this season on TLC trying to convince Janelle, Meri, Christine and Robyn that the whole fam should reside under the same roof.

All of the ladies are pretty much against this proposal.

Pair of Sister Wives

However, Christine has spoken out in the strongest fashion against it ... much to Kody's chagrin.

Heck, she confessed the following all the way back on the March 10, 2019 installment of the show:

“I would happily live next door to [my sister wives] for the rest of my life. Absolutely. With them?"

"No, no. Have you met them?”

An Unhappy Wife

Just about a year later, little has changed for Christine.

"Honestly," she wrote on Twitter last week

"I'm a better mom living separate."

Makes perfect sense, right?

Christine is simply saying she needs some time away from the other Sister Wives to decompress a tad. She'd like some privacy and a chance to have something that is actually hers for a change.

Sister Wives, United

Does Kody comprehend this? It doesn't seem that way.

He continued to sell the one-home idea to everyone on the most recent episode, despite tremendous pushback.

No matter how much they push back, dude doesn't seem to care what his supposed soulmates think about this.

But what else is new with Kody, right?

Sister Wives Poster

"I stress ate SO MUCH after @realkodybrown presented the One House," Christine Tweeted in response to this concept.

She elaborated on this as follows:

"I loved our living arrangement in Vegas and I just don’t see why we’d mess with perfection. It. Was. Perfect.”

As for the other Sister Wives?

Sister Wives: A Poster

For her part, Janelle is worried that the family “isn’t as close as it used to be” now that they’re living apart.

Meri has said that her current strained relationship with Kody would make the one house plan “difficult” for her.

We hope they keep standing up to their emotionally abusive husband ... for whatever that's worth.

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