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Duane "Dog The Bounty Hunter" Chapman’s family has been feuding so hard over his alleged relationship that one of them was arrested.

It was all too much. Whatever was going on between Duane and Moon Angell, it’s now over.

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TMZ reports that Moon Angell is moving out of Duane Chapman’s residence.

According to their sources, Duane sat down with Moon for a difficult heart-to-heart conversation just a few days ago.

He thanked her profusely for everything that she has done to help and emotionally support him since his wife’s passing.

But Duane shared that after nearly 8 months of mourning, he is ready to take the next step in his emotional recovery — moving on.

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Apparently, they had already had an understanding that Moon would only reside in his home on a temporary basis.

In part, Moon would do what she had always done for Duane and Beth — help with errands and with chores around the house.

But above and beyond the usual duties of a personal assistant was her role as an emotional support system for Duane.

She was there to keep his life organized — but in a way, she was also there to keep Duane alive.

Duane Chapman is Considering Something

The well-known bounty hunter had suffered from grief so intense that he said that it had sent him to the hospital.

He has also admitted to suffering from suicidal ideation — a desire to be reunited after death with Beth.

Moon’s presence helped Duane to feel less alone, both physically in his house and emotionally.

Beth’s passing left a tremendous void in his life and he did not feel able to fill thta alone.

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Now, however, he’s feeling ready to move forward.

TMZ characterizes Moon’s moving out as a "natural progression" for Duane. Moon will stick around in the Colorado area in case he needs her.

He has now filled Beth’s old closet with his own belongings, and is planning his return to reality TV now that Dog’s Most Wanted was canceled.

Still, fans cannot help but suspect that Duane may have had Moon move out because of his family’s unhappiness … and because of the scandal.

Duane Chapman With Beth's Box of Ashes
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See, for weeks, multiple members of Duane’s family were calling out Moon Angell, accusing her of infiltrating their family.

Lyssa Chapman in particular accused Moon of taking advantage of a man in mourning, presumably after his money.

She claimed that they were in a relationship, and that Moon had previously dated one of her brothers — presumably also in an effort to join the family.

Lyssa had been shaken to her core after opening Beth’s old closet to discover Moon’s belongings.

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Things escalated after a Doctor Oz teaser clip showed Duane ask Moon Angell to marry him.

When the full episode aired the following week, the context became clear — it was a (likely rehearsed) "test" to "prove" that they were just friends.

On top of that stunt not being especially convincing, there was the fallout.

Days before the episode aired, Lyssa was arrested for her role in an unspecified family spat. We can all connect those dots.

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Congratulations are in order for Duane for recovering enough emotionally to move forward with his life.

We’re sure that the recent scandal has been difficult for him and for Moon just as it has for the rest of his family.

Whatever was going on between him and Moon now appears to be over.

We know that grieving is not easy and does not end overnight, and will continue to keep the Chapman family in our thoughts.